Sunday, April 25, 2010

Congiri or Emotional Atyachar

At some point of time in daily life we all have been to some kind of emotional atyachar or congiri and I think this is due to the fact that we all (Indians) are God fearing instead of God loving.(may be you are thinking that how nature of relation to the god and con/emotional blackmail are related to each other…well this is a different part….let’s not take it here).

One fine afternoon, after having my lunch I was walking down the street, I came across a old woman who was wearing very dirty cloths with body full of wrinkles.She begged to me for money so that she can have her lunch, I again looked her and she seemed to be craving for food. I took out my wallet and I was about to give her 10 bucks but then I refrained myself, I thought it would be impossible for her to get some food in just 10 bucks so I gave her 20 bucks instead.I was also thinking, what if she is conning me and she don’t need to have lunch but the money, I asked  her where she is going to take lunch (Well, I know that was a preposterous question but I was eager to verify that was she really hungry) and she pointed me towards one road side eatery centre.

I gave her 20 bucks and turned back to the way where I was going, I was still thinking was she really hungry? should I go back and cross check whether she is taking the lunch or she successfully conned me for 20 bucks. Well, here I was in dilemma, cross checking her seemed to be a mistake and not cross checking her also seemed to be a mistake so either way I was doing a mistake but yes it’s a mistake, i know it’s a mistake but there are certain things in life where you know it’s a mistake but before doing this mistake you don't really know it’s a mistake because the only way to really know it’s a mistake is to make the mistake and look back and say yep...that was the mistake.So really...the bigger mistake would be not to make a mistake because than you go in your whole life not really knowing if something is mistake or not (I know, I used mistake a lot here) so I went back to cross check.

I found that she did not went to take her lunch and she was conning again some one else so that she can have more  money…what a emotional atyachar on all.I went to her (she looked pale by looking at me) and I asked her to give my 20 bucks back otherwise I will take her to police for conning people (I knew that taking her to police is not going to do anything and I was not going to Police for 20 bucks but that dialogue was to make her scared), she started her emotional atyachar dialogues, I asked her that why she told me that she was hungry, just to gain sympathy so that she can fetch out more money… she had no answer.

I took her to the same road side eatery where she pointed just few minutes ago and asked her to eat food there, I stood there until she finished her lunch. Her lunch cost her 10 bucks (so I did a mistake to give her 20 bucks), I asked her to pay 10 bucks for her lunch and to keep rest of 10 bucks.

May be I am so concerned or cruel on her as it was a matter of just 20 bucks which is not a big deal but I was happy that I did two mistakes and from both these mistakes I came to know about two things:-

1. In just 10 bucks you can have your lunch at a low grade eatery stall if you are not conscious about hygiene and your vitality.

2. By doing second mistake I came to know that I made a mistake (the first one).


  1. Gud effort, i must say..

    See, At least u made it sure that she had lunch...

    And may be with less probabilty she might learn some lesson...

  2. @K:Yes, that's Right...she had lunch apart from the fact if she already had it and I think she will at least remember that some one can come back to cross check.