Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Example of Globalization

I as a Indian communicate using Outlook on Windows from Microsoft (which is an American company) using my Desktop (which is made up of various hardware chips made in China and assembled in India)  with my Swedish client (who in turn is not completely Swedish but Iranian) using the medium Internet (which was created by  United state’s Army) on the Indian Soil sitting on a furniture from Thailand and writing mails to my client using QWERTY keyboard layout.

A simple mail communication between two person includes lots of things from different countries.Socha he……ye tumne kya kabhi…..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a waste….

Whenever I go out of India, I always feel that what a waste of time and waste of walk-through Metal detectors deployed at Indian Airports.In India,the walk-through metal detector is among the most ubiquitous of all the electronic items you see today.During security check, they will ask you to cross walk-through Metal detectors and then they will manually frisk you with a metal detector.If any way they have to frisk you with metal detector than what is the need of walk-through metal detectors.This results in long queue of passengers waiting for security check.

Before entering walk-through Metal detectors they ask you to remove all the metals from your body and keep it in the tray, if you still have it in your pocket than walk-through Metal detectors will beep but they simply ignore it, cops aren't even looking at the walk-through detector. What a waste… they start frisking you  by handheld metal detector.  The only airports where I haven't ever been personally searched are those outside India.On airports of Munich,Istanbul and Amsterdam I have seen that the security person will not frisk you through hand metal detector, if the walk-through Metal detectors beeps than they will ask you to go back remove any metal content and walk through it again.They will repeat this process until you are clean and you are free to go.Only if you have embedded metal ­ crutches, or an implant, or if they find you suspicious, they will search you personally.

Let's not even talk about the malls that scan or search all the men, but let the women through however much they make the detector beep. Women, of course, cannot carry weapons….what a myth. How very sexist ­ or presumptuous, as Rajiv Gandhi might have said.

Every time I see waste of walk-through Metal detectors I want to scream and ask them what is the use of it if it is not getting used properly.