Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sounds of sleepless night.

Have you ever come across a situation where you are not feeling sleepy at 3 am and you can not do anything to pass your time because people around you are sleeping.

After watching Sherlock Holmes I thought that I would be able to sleep, I said my last prayers to god for the day and laid down on my bed but I was wrong, in complete darkness my eyes got more relaxed and they were not in the mood to get down.I was swimming in questions,questions to myself regarding what should I do now to pass some time.It was really boring to just lay down on bed and do nothing. I thought to play guitar but then feeling of getting kicked out of the house at such a time made me dropped this idea.

I was not in the mood to listen songs, read my novel, watch another movie or something else but to pass time I again switched on my laptop and logged in to the chat messenger to find any friend of mine who is in USA so that I can do chat with them and pass time, it was also an idea to make them feel that I still remember them and I care to be in touch but unfortunately none of them was available.I started searching my phone book  in a hope to find a number on which I can call at that time and just talk to some one.I really needed some thing to overcome that situation……ohhh…that situation was killing me.

I saw some of my friends who are in India online on chat messenger, I knew that they are not awake actually but they have kept their chat messenger logged in. I pinged them all one by one and when I didn’t get reply from them I again sent a message to them which was “Why you guys are so brutal? Being online at 3 am why you make people feel that you are available for them?You are just wasting keep alive messages of your chat messenger client towards chat messenger server and you are solely responsible for the wastage of three way handshaking of TCP connection” :)

Soon I was left with nothing but with only option to lay on my bed ideally and wait for my eyes to go down.At that point of time there was pin drop silence.My ears were catching every smallest sound in the surrounding and I was able to hear:-

-sound of water droplet from my bathroom.

-breathing sounds of my roommate.

-ticks of my table clock so clearly that I realized the fact that in a single minute my table clock makes 30 major ticking sounds and 30 minor ticking sounds which makes it to a one minute.

-the flowing wind across the window and back and forth movement of curtains.

-sounds made by my stomach.

-walking foot steps sound of some one who must have waked up to have some water or to have bio.

-some weird sounds of other inmates which generally get generated by mouth when you are in deep sleep (don’t confuse it with snoring).

-humming sound of some motor as if some body is sleeping with fan on.

-sudden flying sound of pigeon when they just change their position from one place to other.

-creepy sound of night insects which generates in sounds in darkness.

-sounds of a newly born baby who wakes up after some sleep and waking up his two new companions who are his/her parents.

-sound of a passing by Motor cycle.

- a very fading whistle sound of watchman who is whistling far away.

-a very fading sound of train’s whistle although railway station is quite far from my home.

-haunting sounds made by dogs.

-sound when you rub your feet with each other inside blanket.

Soon my eyes lashes got down and I started feeling the ecstasy of sleep,I slept.

Interesting to hear such sounds….. isn’t it.Every moment of life and time is carrying some thing in it, the only thing is that we need to realize it.Now that’s philosophical…..

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