Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flash Back of 2009


-got shifted to a new project which is completely in new domain from a project on which I was working from last two years.

-went to Agra to attend my cousin’s marriage.

-purchased my new Dell Studio notebook.

-got addicted to work on my new laptop.

-increased my total hours to work on computer to 14 hours.

-travelled to Munich for official work, it was the best month as it was my first trip outside India and all things were sponsored from office :)

-cooked food in Munich and had a great feeling to have Indian food in Germany.

-made Slovakian friends in Munich.

-roamed around Munich on every weekend.

-spent time with Slovakian friends in India.

-celebrated my birthday at home with family.

-worked hard on the project and got more involved in it.

-got a new crush on a new girl.

-celebrated Diwali with my family consecutively second time after joining the job.

-watched as much TV as I have not watched in my up till life (I am working in IPTV domain).

-joined Facebook.

- didn’t wrote any post on my blog after July.

-enjoyed with all bros,sis and family in my another cousin’s marriage.

-met and talked to a new girl in my cousin’s marriage.

-celebrated New year with friends.

-danced up to 3 am on New year eve and slept up to mid day next new day of new year.

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