Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sounds of sleepless night.

Have you ever come across a situation where you are not feeling sleepy at 3 am and you can not do anything to pass your time because people around you are sleeping.

After watching Sherlock Holmes I thought that I would be able to sleep, I said my last prayers to god for the day and laid down on my bed but I was wrong, in complete darkness my eyes got more relaxed and they were not in the mood to get down.I was swimming in questions,questions to myself regarding what should I do now to pass some time.It was really boring to just lay down on bed and do nothing. I thought to play guitar but then feeling of getting kicked out of the house at such a time made me dropped this idea.

I was not in the mood to listen songs, read my novel, watch another movie or something else but to pass time I again switched on my laptop and logged in to the chat messenger to find any friend of mine who is in USA so that I can do chat with them and pass time, it was also an idea to make them feel that I still remember them and I care to be in touch but unfortunately none of them was available.I started searching my phone book  in a hope to find a number on which I can call at that time and just talk to some one.I really needed some thing to overcome that situation……ohhh…that situation was killing me.

I saw some of my friends who are in India online on chat messenger, I knew that they are not awake actually but they have kept their chat messenger logged in. I pinged them all one by one and when I didn’t get reply from them I again sent a message to them which was “Why you guys are so brutal? Being online at 3 am why you make people feel that you are available for them?You are just wasting keep alive messages of your chat messenger client towards chat messenger server and you are solely responsible for the wastage of three way handshaking of TCP connection” :)

Soon I was left with nothing but with only option to lay on my bed ideally and wait for my eyes to go down.At that point of time there was pin drop silence.My ears were catching every smallest sound in the surrounding and I was able to hear:-

-sound of water droplet from my bathroom.

-breathing sounds of my roommate.

-ticks of my table clock so clearly that I realized the fact that in a single minute my table clock makes 30 major ticking sounds and 30 minor ticking sounds which makes it to a one minute.

-the flowing wind across the window and back and forth movement of curtains.

-sounds made by my stomach.

-walking foot steps sound of some one who must have waked up to have some water or to have bio.

-some weird sounds of other inmates which generally get generated by mouth when you are in deep sleep (don’t confuse it with snoring).

-humming sound of some motor as if some body is sleeping with fan on.

-sudden flying sound of pigeon when they just change their position from one place to other.

-creepy sound of night insects which generates in sounds in darkness.

-sounds of a newly born baby who wakes up after some sleep and waking up his two new companions who are his/her parents.

-sound of a passing by Motor cycle.

- a very fading whistle sound of watchman who is whistling far away.

-a very fading sound of train’s whistle although railway station is quite far from my home.

-haunting sounds made by dogs.

-sound when you rub your feet with each other inside blanket.

Soon my eyes lashes got down and I started feeling the ecstasy of sleep,I slept.

Interesting to hear such sounds….. isn’t it.Every moment of life and time is carrying some thing in it, the only thing is that we need to realize it.Now that’s philosophical…..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Flash Back of 2009


-got shifted to a new project which is completely in new domain from a project on which I was working from last two years.

-went to Agra to attend my cousin’s marriage.

-purchased my new Dell Studio notebook.

-got addicted to work on my new laptop.

-increased my total hours to work on computer to 14 hours.

-travelled to Munich for official work, it was the best month as it was my first trip outside India and all things were sponsored from office :)

-cooked food in Munich and had a great feeling to have Indian food in Germany.

-made Slovakian friends in Munich.

-roamed around Munich on every weekend.

-spent time with Slovakian friends in India.

-celebrated my birthday at home with family.

-worked hard on the project and got more involved in it.

-got a new crush on a new girl.

-celebrated Diwali with my family consecutively second time after joining the job.

-watched as much TV as I have not watched in my up till life (I am working in IPTV domain).

-joined Facebook.

- didn’t wrote any post on my blog after July.

-enjoyed with all bros,sis and family in my another cousin’s marriage.

-met and talked to a new girl in my cousin’s marriage.

-celebrated New year with friends.

-danced up to 3 am on New year eve and slept up to mid day next new day of new year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Few Hours of Night Life

***Disclaimer:This post is containing some words or actions which you may not expect from me so please don’t get surprised if you come across any such thing which shouldn’t be there according to your perception for me.***

Well, you know this is my personal space then what are you doing here….leave this page right now, did you got it…right now.…..Whoa!! whoa!!…come on….you are getting serious…I am just kidding okay….don’t mind… :)

On a Saturday, I slept whole day and waked up at around 7 PM so I was quite aware that I will not be able to sleep in night as I have already slept so much so I decided to have a night out and I have noticed some things which I saw and which happened around me during every hour of night so let’s start scribing them here.

9 PM

Every house wife was cooking dinner and I was able to hear the whistle of cooker from every single home in my building. Four guys who live in a flat just above my flat were having a heavy argument in their kitchen on the topic whether to cook aaloo ki sabzi or matar paneer for their dinner and how to cook it.Those were four and I was able to hear the four kind of recipes for these two sabzi (Poor guys, they must have asked me for this).

I and my other room mates were not in the mood to cook our dinner so we went out on a Bachelor dhaba near our society to have our dinner.Well, at this time we saw many peoples like us (Bachelors) were trying to get some thing new as compared to daily routine food.Some were eating chow-min, some were eating parathas (with butter…wow..yummy) and some were eating only tikki and chaat just to put some thing in stomach or just to do formality of having dinner.We had our dinner (some thing like that which i mentioned above :)) and came back to our flat.

10 PM

From my room’s window I saw that my Bengali neighbours were cooking their dinner (all Bengalis normally used to take their dinner late in night).Bengali saas and bahu were fighting with each other in the kitchen (it was just like as live telecast of Saas bahu daily soap) and their noise was disturbing all other people in the building.Suddenly,a voice of lady came from the flat below my flat asking these saas bahu to lower their voice as she was trying to sleep (I was wondering two things here 1. How much sweetness and love is going to be in dinner of Bengalis 2. How come this lady is sleeping at 10 pm, I mean, isn’t it too early to go to bed….but whatever). Guys above my flat were making rotis in their kitchen and it looked like that finally they decided on their choices of sabzi and cooked it.. I was wondering to ask them from room’s window haan bhaiyon, kaun si sabzi bani he….thodi neeche bhi bhej do” :~) .

11 PM

I went to have ice cream with my roomy (I enjoy ice cream mostly in winter season :)). There was still a long queue out side ATM centre. Heavy vehicles were started on roads as they are not allowed to enter this area before 11 pm.People were moving to their homes and market was fading away, shops were getting closed.Only students and bachelors were standing at Sutta corner to have their suttas for the night :!] .

00 AM

A girl was talking on her phone in her balcony, a lady was surfing Orkut on her laptop by resting on bed, a studious boy was studying with his study lamp on and one aunty was watching TV by switching off her room’s light.You must be feeling awkward here that how I was peeking out to other’s personal life but these all things are unintentionally visible if I stand in my balcony.We are four guys in our flat and we all were talking on phone and moving here and there to chase signals so that we do no have voice breaks. The whole situation was looking like a call centre where every people used to talk on phones to their customers.We all were able to hear each other’s voice but still we were coping up our self to not to miss what the person on other side of phone was saying.

01 AM

I asked my friend (not my roomy) whether he is interested for a walk or not. I was going towards his apartment and looked at some apartments which still had their lights on and Linking park was playing there followed by Enrique, I got the feeling that there must be some bachelors or students who have started their second day of weekend and they must be enjoying tea and maggi in their flat.On the way to my friend’s flat there was a haunted house which was not occupied from the day when this society was developed completely (I don’t know whether this is an rumour or what but that house looks really haunted).I was looking at this house thinking that may be I get a chance to see the witch today but there was no luck :( .

02 AM

I and my friend (as I indulged him forcibly in my night out) were walking on the road silently by enjoying the cold weather, we came across a Tavera, we both felt some thing suspicious about this vehicle as it was not in the condition in which it is supposed to be at 2 AM. We both decided to go near it silently and what the Hell!!…….one guy and a girl was making out inside it….OMG, we were not able to control our laughter but any how we left them there but suddenly my friend stopped and said “Come on man, let’s have some fun” I said “hey…. what do you mean by let’s have fun….those guys are already having fun there inside that Tavera, what do you want us to do now” he said “lets disturb them” i said “Whoa!!! whoa!!! come on man don’t do that let them have fun” but it was too late and my friend picked up a small stone from road and threw it on to Tavera and we ran down from there…when we are getting away from there we heard a sound “Taak” and we burst out laughing. I said “ f**k man, you are really an a** hole, you just hit the bull’s eye”. You know laughing out like this was one of the craziest thing, can you imagine, at 2 AM some body is laughing out so loud that makes you say “what a jerk…he must be drunk” but you know, it was really enjoyable….kabhi mauka mile to try karna :> .

03 AM

When we were running in dark we saw a bone fire at a place where one watchman was trying to get heat from the customised bone fire. We went to him and sat there to enjoy that bone fire. We had a long discussion over society and other things with him and during this discussion that watchman started telling us his salary and he was trying to gain some emotional sentiments from us. He was telling us that he is uneducated but he do not want his children to become uneducated, he was unable to send his one child to school as he don’t have so much money. I suggested him to send his children to Tapovan as Tapovan is an school which is indulged in providing education up to 5th class to poor children with out charging any cost and they also promote good students for further studies at high level.Listening all these things about Tapovan he became very excited and he was very keen to send his children to this school.We thought to leave from there and explore other areas of society, when we were leaving he demanded for some blanket or shaul as he was not having any thing with him apart from his security dress sweater which can protect him from the winter and the temperature was so low that we both felt that he really require some thing to fight this weather.I told him that I have a spare shaul with me and I will go to my room and bring it for you right now.

You know, at that point of time in night all street dogs were roaming here and there in their gangs and making their typical haunting voice. On the way to my flat there was a group of dogs, when we passed them suddenly their leader started following us and with a blink all other dogs started following their leader.These dogs were thinking we were carrying some thing which is an eatable but we were wrong they were just following us to show their dominance, it was looking like they were trying to say us “You Morons, what are you doing in our area,get lost,otherwise we will transfer you in a condition where you will get five injections on your tummy”. We were watching them following us, suddenly I turned around and kicked their leader on his face (I know, I was very brutal here with this dog…Menaka ji…it was for my self defence…my apologies here) but that leader was intelligent and just like a hero that dog get escaped from my kick and my kick get swinged in air. Leader started give us a grinning look….the next thing we did there was to run from there and we stopped in front of my flat.

04 AM

I came back to my room to pick a shaul which was lying in our living room from past 2 years, Ow ow ow…one of my flat mate was snoring….phew…I got a topic for next day to pull his leg.I quickly took out my cell phone and recorded melodious sound of snoring made by him so that I can give him a proof :!…Whoa!!! that day I came to know about a secret of my flat mate that he snores :~) ha ha ha….(we all made great fun of him next day).

When we were going back to that watchman we did not retraced our steps but we took a new way so that we can avoid that waiting gang of dogs.We were walking down the road and we saw a man lying on the footpath….God!!!….we both became scared….we thought is he drunk or has some body done something wrong to him. We informed that watchman about this and he told us to not to worry as this man has a habit of heavy drinking and he is always found lying here and there on the road.Thank God!!!

05 AM

News paper dealer delivered news papers to vendors and they were arranging news papers for the final delivery. Early morning birds started their chattering.Road side Romeos, gang of dogs were finally sleeping on roads, they must have got the feeling that now their kingdom is about to lost so it’s better to keep low profile now :~).

06 AM

People started getting up and coming out of their cosy home in track suits with their i-pod and mp3 head phones in their ears to have some fresh morning walk and jogging. In parks there were laughter clubs where all old guys were doing exercise of their stomach…..Whoa!!…what a scene it was….it reminded me one of the scene from movie Khosla ka Ghosla. Fresh juice vendors were peeling fruits and vegetables so that they can provide fresh juice to exhausted people in next hour. Bachelor’s and student’s flats which I observed in night were quite and lost in darkness inside their flat.News paper distributer started distributing news paper, some of them were throwing news paper in to the balcony from their cycle and some of them were delivering it manually by going up and down on stairs.We saw that one of the newspaper boy was stealing some milk packets from the bags of owners which they have hanged on their door so that they do not have to open door for milk man.We both were not in the mood to do more Ghandhigiri so we threatened him that if he still continued to steal milk packets like this then we will inform his boss and also inform the milk packet owners, they will give you to the police then…

07 AM

Car washers started their job and they were sweeping cars which were parked in the society. In balconies we were able to see families enjoying their morning bed tea (of course, this morning bed tea was not on their beds as they were in their balconies :)) and uncles reading newspaper with full concentration and enjoying every sip of their tea. Milk man started delivering milk packets. Morning news become audible from the TV sets.My friend went to his flat after having night adventure as he was feeling sleepy.I was also feeling sleepy so I also moved towards my flat.

08 AM

I was trying to sleep after last night out but pigeons outside my room’s window waked up and started making their sound goottur goo and they were taking full revenge from me that day as I used to fly them away.Finally I was able to sleep by thinking all the things about last night.