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Quick Tips For Munich

1. After coming out of Munich Airport Terminal 2, you will get Surface train to go in Munich City.If you don't have heavy luggage than you can board either S1 or S8 both will go to Marienplatz city center.You can take a single ticket or you can take a partner ticket of 16 Euros if you are more than one.A partner ticket is valid for one day and maximum 5 persons can travel on it.You can roam in whole Munich with this partner ticket of 16 Euros.You need to get it stamped by machine available when you are about to enter the platform.

2. S-Bahnn means Surface trains,
U-Bahnn means Underground trains,
Guten Morgen means Good Morning,
Guten Tag means Good Afternoon,
Guten Nacht means Good Night,
Danke schön! means Thank you.
Haupt bahnn hoff means Central train station.

3. You can take an Taxi from Airport to any point in Munich which will cost you in between 45 Euros - 80 Euros depending on distance.

4. If you like to travel through local trains than it is good to have an weekly pass.Weekly pass is valid for 7 days for some rings i.e. Whole Munich city is divided in 16 rings, you can take 3 ring weekly pass for 13.8 Euros and you can also increase the ring on weekly pass with an increased fare.Fare details can be found at

With a 3 ring weekly pass you can travel between 3 rings n no of times with in a time span of 7 days.After 7 days you will need to buy a new weekly pass.Local train maps are available at

5. There are many Indian restaurants available there.I recommand Radha Restaurant at Malingerstrasse and Shaan at Thalkirchen.

6. There is one Indian Grocery store named as Kohinoor which is very near to Hauptbahnnhoff and Sendlingertor.

7. Normall there is no ticket checking in train,buses and trams but dont do a mistake to travel with out ticket as some times Ticket checker and Police comes to check in civil dress.
8.If you have taken an wrong ticket by mistake than it can get cancelled as I did so,normally people there at Munich dont know about this because when i asked normal people they told me that it is not possible but it is possible.

9.People at Munich are very helpfull and understand English so don't hesitate if you get lost or need any help.

Sites to visit in Munich:-

1. MarienplatzStart your sightseeing tour at Marienplatz which has been Munich’s central square since thefoundation of the city in 1158. There are many brilliant sights clustered at and around Marienplatz thatused to be a corn and fish market with the name “Schrannenmarkt”. In 1638, Elector Maximilian Iordered the construction of the “Mariensäule” (Column St. Mary) because Munich was shielded fromthe Swedish occupation during the Thirty Years’ War. When the corn market was finally moved to thearea of the Viktualienmarkt and the Schrannenhalle in 1853, the square received its present name“Marienplatz”. Where the “Fischbrunnen” (Fish Fountain) is now, fish used to be sold here. In the eastof Marienplatz, there is Munich’s Old City Hall that was first mentioned in 1310 and redesigned manytimes. Now, the Marienplatz is dominated by the New City Hall, an impressive building of Neo-Gothicstyle that was constructed between 1867 and 1909 according to plans of the Austrian architect GeorgHauberisser. The famous “Glockenspiel” in the tower of the New City Hall is not only a major touristattraction, but also the fifth largest in Europe.

2. Frauenkirche (Dom)
Near Marienplatz is the Frauenkirche (“Dom”). With its height of 99 m and its two towers with onionshapeddomes, it is the landmark of Munich and dominates the city center together with the New CityHall. The Frauenkirche was constructed between 1468 and 1488 in late Gothic style due to plans ofJörg von Halspach in order to replace an older church. In 1525, the towers received their copperdomes in Renaissance style. Although the design of the Frauenkirche is quite simple, this catholiccathedral is an amazing building.

3. Viktualienmarkt and Church St. Peter (Alter Peter)
Also next to Marienplatz, there is the “Viktualienmarkt”, Munich’s largest fruit and vegetable marketwhere you can get nearly everything you want including spices, exotic fruits as well as Bavarianspecialities. For a brilliant view of the city, you should visit Munich’s oldest church and probably itsorigin, St. Peter, also called “Alter Peter” at Viktualienmarkt. If you manage to climb about 300 steps tothe top of the tower, you might even see the mountains around Munich when the weather is clear.After this exhilarating experience, the beergarden in the middle of the Viktualienmarkt is a great placeto recover and regain your energy.

4. Odeonsplatz and Church St. Kajetan (Theatinerkirche)
North of Munich’s historic city center, there is the Odeonsplatz with the beautiful church St. Kajetan(Theatinerkirche) of baroque style and the Feldherrnhalle. In 1790, crown prince Ludwig decided onthe construction of the Odeonsplatz instead of the northern city gate as well as a luxurious main roadto the north of Munich and put Leo v. Klenze in charge of the design in 1816. In addition, he wanted todesign the exit from the Residenz to the royal path (now Briennerstrasse) to the Nymphenburg Castlein a more attractive way. The "Feldherrnhalle" at the Odeonsplatz was designed by Friedrich v.Gärtner on the model of the Logga dei Lanzi in Florence and is a victory monument for the Bavarianarmy and its generals.

5. Residenz and Hofgarten
Also directly at the Odeonsplatz is the Residenz that used to be Munich’s city castle and residence ofthe Bavarian dukes, electors and kings as well as the entrance to the Hofgarten, a small garden with agate by the famous architect Leo von Klenze. Although quite small, the Hofgarten is Munich’s most
central garden and very suitable for a break during your sightseeing or shopping tour in the center ofMunich.

6. English Garden
When you leave the Hofgarten in north-east direction, a path leads directly to the English Garden. Withan age of more than 200 years and a size of about 4 km², the English Garden is the oldest and largestpark in Munich. The English Garden is not only a must-see place for all visitors to Munich but is also agreat park for relaxation and leisure activities. There are quite a few amazing sights in the park suchas the Chinese Tower with its’ huge beergarden, the artificial lake “Kleinhesseloher See” as well asthe highest viewpoint of the park, the Monopteros.

7. Königsplatz
After enjoying your time in the English Garden or the beergarden at the Chinese Tower, you shouldexplore other areas of Munich, maybe on the following day. The Königsplatz (constructed between1817 and 1862) in the Munich area Maxvorstadt was created by Karl v. Fischer and later by Leo v.Klenze on the model of European classicism which in this case was the Acropolis in Athens. Thissquare is highly impressive and there are also quite a few exhibition halls in its buildings such as theGlyptothek with antique statues. If you want to explore more exhibitions, you should head for the Alte,Neue and Moderne Pinakothek as well as the Lenbachhaus which are important exhibition halls inMunich near Königsplatz.

8. Nymphenburg Palace
If you still have time left, the Nymphenburg Palace in the west of Munich in the district Neuhausen-Nymphenburg is really worth a visit. The history of the origins of the brilliant Nymphenburg palace ofbaroque style and its gardens covers a period of more than 300 years. Because a successor to thethrone, Max Emanuel, was born in 1664, the elector Ferdiand Maria and his wife Henriette Adelaide ofSavoy put the Bolognese architect Agostino Barelli in charge of constructing a summer residence witha small ornamental garden for her. In the park of the Nymphenburg Palace, there are quite a fewimportant places to visit such as the Amalienburg and the Pagodenburg. Next to the NymphenburgPark, there is the Botanical Garden of Munich, one of the most important botanical gardens throughoutthe world.

9. Olympic Park with Olympic Tower
Another important, but very different and rather modern park is the Olympic Park in the north ofMunich. In the summer of 1972, the XX. Olympic Games were held in Munich. For this purpose, theOlympic Park was created between 1966 and 1972 on a barren area. One of the most striking featuresof the Olympic Hall, the Olympic Stadium and the Swimming Centre is their common tent roofconstructed of acrylic glass and designed by the German architect Günther Behnisch. With a size of 3km², the Olympic Park is the second largest park in Munich and despite its still artificial character, it isquite popular not only for sports, but for other leisure activities and events as well.

10. Oktoberfest (Wies’n) at Theresienwiese
Late September every year, the Oktoberfest, one of the most famous public festivals throughout theworld, starts at the Theresienwiese and lasts for about two weeks.Of course, there are much more amazing sights in Munich. If you are in Munich in summer, you shouldnot miss visiting one of the numerous beergardens in the capital of Bavaria.
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11.Thalkirchen Zoo:There is a Zoo at Thalkirchen.You will find many animals there including lions.

12. Deutsche Museum:-
This Museum is very big and it is good if you spend whole day at this Museum.There are many things placed which belongs to every Technology.Museum opens at 9 am and closes at 5 pm.Entry ticket is of 8 Euros per person.

13. Arena:-An Stadium which changes light in night.

14. Garmisch:-
It is outside Munich and you can go by train by taking an partner ticket to Garmisch which will cost 28 Euros for 5 persons.If you are alone than find out people at station who are looking for other people to form a group of 5 to go in a cheap way.If you buy ticket from machine than it will cost you 28 Euros and if you buy it through counter than it will cost you 30 Euros.

15. Lake Königssee!
Information is available at and

16. For shopping you can go to Real Store at Machitalfinger strasse, Muller at Marienplatz,1 Euro store at Hauptbahnnhoff.You will get many soveniour shops at Marienplatz city center.

You can find my experience to Munich in below post.


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