Saturday, July 11, 2009

I ....

I care,I don't care.
I smile,I don't smile.
I enjoy,I don't enjoy.
I am tough,I am soft.
I do mistakes,I don't.
I am Good, I am Bad.
I am rude,I am polite.
I am brat, I am cherub.
I am amiable,I am nasty.
I am Help full,I am mean.
I get hurt,I don't get hurt.
I am Type A,I am Type B.
I talk a lot, I don't talk at all.
I am humorous,I am serious.
I am lovable,I am not lovable.
I am Extrovert,I am Introvert.
I am a lazy lion, I am energetic.
I think from brain,I think from heart.
I am imaginative,I am unimaginative.
I am a great friend,I am not a great friend.
I Like some people, I don't like some people.
I have friends,I don't have friends sometimes.
I do realize what I did, I don't realize what I did.
I expect something from others,I don't have expectations.
I want to do lots of things, I don't want to do anything at all.
I have all things with me, I don't have a single thing with me.
I have good impressions on others,I have bad impressions too.

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