Monday, April 20, 2009

Roadside Barber

Road side barbers are very rare to see.If We spot them than we just pass them in our every day life.I was wondering how a new day starts for these road side barbers.Each and every day they have an hope in their eyes to earn more as compare to previous day.They used to stand in the shadow of a tree where they have fixed their mirror on the stem of tree, have a wooden chair and their apparatus used to cut hairs and shave.I don't know how much their hair cut costs but may be around 5-10 Rs.Every day they pray to god that at least they should get enough money so that their family can have a proper meal.
These days husband and wife works in a good firm so that they can have a good life for themselves and for their children but a barber and his wife works so that they can get a meal for their children and if possible than save it for the next day.Some times i think how they manage to survive if they don't have a single customer in a day.May be they had enough customer of their level and i am thinking like this as i didn't get chance to see any customer on their wooden chair.
Good thing is, at least they are doing some thing instead of begging.They have the courage to fight eevry single day to move ahead in their life.Taking hair cutting as a profession is good for those who have some amount of money in their pockets to setup a shop with a pair of chairs equipped with various creams and electrical gadgets but it is an obligation for such peoples by which they can earn their bread.
These days barbers have converted small shops to a full fledged saloon with an Air conditioner but a road side barber will never have such things,he will only have the courage to survive with his scissors and razors.

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