Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whether To Ask An Unknown Girl For Friendship or Not

Yeah, this is an straight forward question How to ask an unknown girl for friendship?

There is a girl in the society where i am residing from the last two years, i came across her first time in a shared auto rickshaw.During my initial days when i joined my first job i used to commute with shared auto rickshaw up to my office.An shared auto rickshaw runs on a pre-defined route carrying 12 persons at a time including driver.
I came across her again and again,some times in between 12 persons,some times in between 5 persons and one time there were just I and her,two eyes became four eyes but still i didn't asked for friendship. I thought how should i proceed, why a person will accept an friendship offer from an unknown person with out having any information about him or her.But am i unknown to her? I guess yes and no,Yes , because she don't know anything about me and No, because she also knows that we came across many times.This part made me feel that i should at least ask her for friendship,but i didn't asked her.I don't know why? I am still searching the answer of this question.

Soon i upgraded from shared auto rickshaw to bike and start commuting on ma bike.Due to this i was not coming across her in any means but she was still commuting through shared auto rickshaw.One day i came to know that she used to work in some company which is very near to mine as i saw her one day at a road side food eatery near that area where i used to go for some tea or snacks.I was not aware about her company name as there are lots of BPOs and Technological firms but may be she knows where i work.
She must have seen the strap of my access card on which my company name is printed.Still i ask my self,should i ask her? but what i will say if she asked me why i want to do friendship with her?no answers till date but i want to ask her......
One year went and i was not aware whether she is still in the same society or she left.Some time back i saw her again and saw that she is residing just a block away but at that time i didn't have time as i was going very busy in the office and having an schedule of 10 am to 11 pm due to project deadlines and deliveries.Soon i forgot all these things and i almost forgot about her.

The new year came and from the new month of new year i started visiting Hanuman temple located in my society on every Tuesday so that i can pray to god at least once in a week. I saw her at the temple and she saw me,again two eyes became four eyes.I got an sigh,oh...she is still in this society.I heard an internal sound saying some thing to me but i was getting two sounds one in left ear and one right ear, exactly as like films,one side my devil was saying and other side my angel

Angel: "go and ask her you dumbo"
Devil:"no man, this is a temple,don't make any fuss here"
Angel:"C'mon, this is a good chance"
Devil:"What if she refused?"
Angel:"C'mon,don't bother about result,at least ask her.Don't you remember the saying karm kar aur phal ki chinta mat kar"
Devil:"What if she asked the reason"
Angel:"Say anything but go and ask first,may be she will not ask anything"

My head and eyes were swinging between two and when i looked around she vanished from temple.I saw she was going ahead,just a few meters ahead.I didn't followed her and was standing there.I looked at the time so that i can again catch her at the temple,may be next coming tuesday.
Next tuesday arrived but at the noted time she didn't showed up.I said myself,next tuesday.

Still i am confused should i ask her or not?What reason i will provide if she asked me the reason for friendship?why a person will accept an friendship proposal from an unknown person?

Whether to ask an Unknown Girl for Friendship or not.

Any help?

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  1. Boss you are god! Two eyes became four eyes is a path breaking concept in human evolution.

    Jai ho,jai ho!