Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time = Money

We always heard people saying that "Time is also money and we should give value to time,its very important".But how many of us have realized the importance of time in terms of money?
I realized this thing when i came across one of the watchman in my company.
One fine morning i reached to parking lot owned by my organization, i parked my bike,told my name and my employee id to Watchman named Jeevan Singh (so that he can update Time in and Time out in his record book) and boarded the parking shuttle to office.This is an every day process and there is nothing new about it.On that same evening when i was leaving office around 9 pm i came across Jeevan Singh at security kiosk,he greeted me and checked me before leaving office premises (well ,in our organization there is a general process of checking individual during their entry and exist in which he/she get scanned through metal detectors by security in order to ensure that we are not carrying any magnetic media,pen drives,cds or any such medium on which any information can be recorded).When he did all security measures he said "Goodnight Sir!!" and got busy checking others.
When i was in parking shuttle, i was thinking that this man was on duty since morning and still he is here at 9 pm.I assumed he had duty hours of 12 hours and he will be leaving on.
Next morning when i went to parking lot, my eyes were searching for him and i was not able to see him.I thought may be he will come late to duty as he was there at office up to late hours.I reached office gate and got surprised when i saw him at the same security kiosk.He said "Good Morning Sir!!" i was so curious that instead of saying him Good Morning in reply i asked him

me:Jeevan Singh,How come you are here as you were in the night also.Did you came so early in the morning ?
JS:Sir, i am here from the last night and i didn't went off from the duty.
me:Why so?why you are doing continuous duty?
JS:Sir, i will do duty of 36 hours so that i can get my overtime payment as i need to go home and i require money.
me:But how can you do a continuous 36 hour long duty without catching any sleep?
JS:Sir, this is my job and i am habitual to it, i did 36 hour duty before.
JS:Sir, you guys got 8 hours of working hours but still you were leaving office yesterday at 9 pm i.e. after 12 hours of duty.If you can extend 4 hours more than why i can't.

i didn't uttered a single word and went ahead,swapped my access card,opened the door and went in towards my work bench.
That day i realized how time is related to money.In fact we software guys got billed from US based clients on the basis of no of hours we spent in the office for their work and our organization got payment from US based client according to following formula:-

payment = no of hours spent in a day x 5 working days x 5or 4 weeks

Here also we are earning according to the no of hours we are spending in the office doing work for others.
An software professional spend 10 - 12 hours (although 8 hours are normal office timings) in his small cubicle by only sitting and working on a computer in Air cooled environment while an Watchman spend his 10-12 hours in long and big areas by only standing all the time.But both are earning according to the time he spent on his duty.
If you really want to know the relation between time and money than go ask MD or Finance VP of any software firm.


  1. Good One Ankit!!.Time is really money.There are also various example except software industry where time = money.

  2. so correct..time is money,in practical approach,not just readin in some 'good thought' books..keep it up

  3. So.. good observation....
    But don't discovered anything else in this whole observation...!! After reading it I get a lot of thoughts and views on the same...