Sunday, March 8, 2009

Search Of God.

We always go to temples,mosques,church and Gurudwara to offer our prayers to our almighty.We believe, temples and various other holy places are those where god resides or we can get a feeling to be at near or close to god.
We always pray to god for the happiness,success in our life.We ask him to bless us with all good things so that we can live a good life.I think,we are so selfish,we always ask god for only our self.Have we asked him for the good or happiness of others,If so than how many times we have asked him for others?
In normal life we generally talk with each other,we socialize at this society.We met various people and have our own perception for each and every body.This perception guides our mind to have a particular tone or style of talking when we meet different people.
For Ex:- If i am talking to my boss then my tone of talking will be very respective and i will be very humble to him on the other hand after completing conversation with boss if i met a person who is at same level on which i am,my way of talking and tone becomes different.I will behaving like a cool dude with my friends.
If we are talking to a person of opposite gender at that time also we are very different from our originality.If we encounter a person who is not of our level,who is like a rickshaw puller,bus driver etc we treat them as nobody is superior than us and we always talk to them in a way of giving them order.
What if one day we come across god?what we will do at that time?May be greet him very politely,respect fully from the core of heart because we are with god.May be we would be ready to do anything which god says at that time.We will follow to him like anything.Am i right here?
God says, I am everywhere,I am in every single thing from a partical of dust to every human heart.I am in every non living thing and i am in every living thing.But we forget these words and we have bounded god into the area of temples,mosque,church and other holy places.We can go thousand of miles away to see the birth place,foot prints or many others things which are related to god but we can't help those persons who really need help.We give a donation of Rs 100 in temple but we take our hand back to feed a small dirty children who comes to us asking for money.
Why we forget about god when we are scolding or abusing a person who is from lower level.Have you ever imagined that the person you are scolding,beating or abusing can be god (God can come in any form...isn't it)....yes he can be god who came to you, what will you do then after knowing he is god,ask that person to forgive you.... a second before you were beating him and a second later you are asking forgiveness.
Have you ever helped a person from lower class who needs help and have you ever came across the happiness on their face.I have experienced it,
One fine evening i was at road side eatery and i was waiting for my burger to come as i was very hungry at that time.When stall owner passed me my burger a small kid came to me and pulled my trouser.I looked at him and he was asking to me for some food.He was looking very hungry,i stopped myself and handed over my burger to him.He ate that burger and i saw a kind of happiness or a kind of satisfaction on face that comes after eating something especially when you were very hungry.I was feeling that what that kid was feeling after he took his first bite of burger,i feeled as that single bite going through my food pipe to stomach passing lungs (same observation when u ate something after a very long time).
This kind of feeling happiness is very different from the other things.I believe, i fed burger to god :~) that day who is in the form of a small boy.
My opinion is that we should greet every one in this society with a very warm and welcoming attitude.I know sometimes we face a rude behaviour from some but if we remain cool and warm then they will also correct their way of talking. (wo kehte he na,pyaar se sab thik kiya jaa sakta he).
We should greet everyone with a smile,Life is to smile.Keep a smile on your face.
Trust me just try to keep smile,be polite and warm to each and everyone,I am sure you feel that you came across god.

I am pasting some lines of a song "Banda re" from movie Raaz 2 as i believe there is truthness in them.

Mauko Kahaan Dhoondhe Re
BandeMain To Tere Paas Mein
Naa Teerath Mein Naa Moorat Mein
Naa Ekaant Niwaas Mein
Naa Mandir Mein Naa Masjid Mein
Naa Kabhi Kailaash Mein
Main To Tere Paas Mein Bande....
Main To Tere Paas Mein


  1. its an practical thought through which we can see god around us, but what important is we must not have any get return feeling when we are giving our service to god in this form

  2. We can except only one thing,the satisfaction and happiness which we get after serving to almighty.