Friday, March 13, 2009

Orkut and Friends

Surfing in midnight when no friends are online except those who are abroad seems boring especially when you are on the web from the past 3 hours,taking updates on each side and giving self updates.
Weekend is on and that's why I am still up and finding ways to kill time as i am not feeling sleepy.May be the thought of weekend is keeping me up so late.Enrique is on Windi Medi Player singing his most popular songs.Still surfing orkut and different websites,checking my official mail (i know no one is going to shoot mail at this time but i need to keep my lapi busy in something ;~)).
I observed one thing while surfing Orkut, i went through my friend list, i was just taking an idea who are residing in my friend list which makes an count of 191 and do i really know all of them? I was going through each profile and i found that each of my friend is happy and in good state of life.Some are enjoying,working outside India and some are rocking at India.
I was observing at each and every ones orkut portrait photo,most of them are smiling,some are showing there photography skills and some ressemble like film stars (OMG, when i was with them they never looked like a film star,what happens then.....).
When i look back in 2006,it was started,the time i and many other like me started orkuting,suddenly whole college was addicted to Orkut.There were many fights with lab administration people to unblock orkut as Orkut attained maximum no of hits and bandwidth of College internet.College authorities was wandering and talking about Orkut,they were not aware about Orkut.All the desktops assigned for accessing Internet was having just one website opened all the time.Orkut with less features gained so much popularity.
Time passed,we passed out from college,we became Engineers,we stepped in to Professional world with one thing in common,Orkut.Orkut provided us a medium or platform to stay in touch with our friends.As time passed Orkut get matured and launched many features with increasing privacy and security.
Well I am really happy to see updates from my friends on Orkut.I am really happy that my all friends are good and rocking.
Thanks Orkut.
Keep rocking Guys!!!

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