Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mirror and Mirror Images

As defined, A mirror is an object with one surface polished, which leads to reflection and another opaque.A mirror creates an exact copy of any object placed in front of it.
Above are the common definitions of a mirror, But mirrors show some thing more to a person.The difference is, the way of looking at the mirror.
Every morning when i go in front of mirror, i saw a person standing in front of me looking exactly as me,does all the things which i do but in a opposite manner.I know that this is my mirror image and it is opposite.Mirrors are made to do the opposite things which made the person inside the mirror totally different from us.
As we know that our mirror images do the things exactly opposite whatever we do.Just imagine, there is a different world inside mirror where all the things happens like our daily life.Whatever activities we do in a daily routine they just happens opposite in the mirror world.For example, If i am cursing anybody or scolding a person than my mirror image will be blessing that person or vice versa.
I think we have a similarity with mirrors.How?A plane glass is polished from one side so that it can act as an mirror.We see other side of the mirror not the back side of it. We as a person are also polished from one side and show our other side to outer world.Outer world will only see the other side of us but no one see the back of polished side which is completely different from the other side.No body knows what a person is in reality, we only knows a person according to the image which he is showing to the world.
Mirror images also asks you such questions which no body can ask you and nobody other than you can answer them.Although it is just a piece of glass but it means a lot.A mirror makes you realize what you are.It shows you as a confident person and it shows you as a defeated or dejected person.
Mirror is the thing in which a person can match his eyes with his own, it totally depends on us whether we have the courage to match our eyes with our mirror image or we try to avoid the eye contact.

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