Sunday, March 29, 2009

Firing Firing all the way

Firing Firing all the way, one has to accept that there is no other way...
Economy melt down,reduction in work,slashing of jobs these are the main and hot topics these days.Every where the common thing in IT industry is Cost cuttings and Firing of employees who are on bench.
Some are saving their necks and some are taking advantage of the term recession.Every body says Recession time is going on but most of the people don't know about recession and they are just taking advantage of it.Well i am not discussing all these things here.

I fired an 12 year old boy.Yes, but may be for his good.
Me and my flatmates appointed a maid for cleaning and sweeping our rooms so that our rooms look more nice and clean to others who come to our flat (I used to saw my room neat and clean before appointing the maid).Initially she used to come but as time passed she start sending her son for the same purpose.That boy is around 12 years old,he came regularly to our flat,sweeps our flat and went to some other place.Her mother was using him as her companion so that she can have more no of flats in her hand which results in good pay.
One day i asked that boy whether he goes to school or not,he said,he used to go school 2 years before and he has attended classes up to 4th,his father was not in a good state of health and family expenditure rose to recover his father's health,that's why he left school and helping her mother.A good emotional story,isn't it? I don't know whether he was lying or telling me the truth but i said to him that you must go school and study.This is not your work to sweep home,this is the time when you must study and make your and your family's future.He gave another excuse that he is not getting admission in any school due to two year break in his studies.
I told him that we don't want him to come for this work and if he continues to come than may be we will discontinue from you.I asked him to tell his mother to talk to me, i thought may be i will convince her mother to send him to a school but her mother gave another dozens of excuses to me.
I told him that he can bring his books on weekends and i will give him free tuition's but he never turned up.As i gave threat to discontinue from them,her mother started to come her flat for cleaning and sweeping and stopped him to come our home.I assumed that her mother got convinced and now she is not using him but my assumption came wrong when i came to know that her mother stopped him to come to our flat and started sending him to some other flat.She didn't wanted to lose her second hand.After some time i also came to know that, that maid have one more son and she is also using him for the same person.Their family is earning from the four hands.
I was not able to do anything in this but i decided that i will not use that boy again.Once i was seeing Shah Rukh Khan's interview on a show and there he said one thing:-

"If we are not able to stop the wrong things around us than at least we should not do the wrong things."
Its really sad to see such things that still childrens from lower class are not able to go school.We say that India is an fast growing and developing country but are we really growing and developing.

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