Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth is asking for just one hour from us so that it can help us and we are not helping it.27th March the day when Earth hour is conducted at International level in which we had to minimize the use of lights just for one hour so that the heat produced by all the heat emitting devices across the earth can be reduced by some small amount so that we can reduce Global warming.
Global warming, seems not to be felt by us in our daily lives if we do not want to feel it.We are still using Air Conditioners all the time in our offices,home or Shopping Malls.If you want to know how much heat an AC emits than go in front of its condenser and you will feel a heavy hot breeze, hot up to the extent that if you are completely wet in your clothes than you can dry them by just standing in front of it for 20-25 minutes.

27 th March, time was approaching to 8:30 pm,suddenly power failure occurred in our area 5 minutes before the scheduled time.It was unbelievable that Electricity board was following the schedule of Earth hour or I should say they got a genuine reason to cut power so that it can be saved.Whatever it is, it helped those who don't have inverter at their home i.e. People who have inverters at their home were using it without caring to minimize the power consumption as mentioned for Earth hour.They don't care,they just can't miss their TV serials for one hour duration.But still Electricity board helped.Most of the area was in dark as just like as Black out.Hope we have saved some amount of heat.
Major example of Global warming,This year winter season closed after Holi and summer has to arrive but to surprise before summer, Monsoon arrived in North and its raining from past 2 days.Global warming is making changes in atmospheric cycles.

I think we all have to join hands for reducing Global warming.Every single person can make a difference by lowering the extra use of water,power and heat emitting devices.

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