Sunday, March 29, 2009

Firing Firing all the way

Firing Firing all the way, one has to accept that there is no other way...
Economy melt down,reduction in work,slashing of jobs these are the main and hot topics these days.Every where the common thing in IT industry is Cost cuttings and Firing of employees who are on bench.
Some are saving their necks and some are taking advantage of the term recession.Every body says Recession time is going on but most of the people don't know about recession and they are just taking advantage of it.Well i am not discussing all these things here.

I fired an 12 year old boy.Yes, but may be for his good.
Me and my flatmates appointed a maid for cleaning and sweeping our rooms so that our rooms look more nice and clean to others who come to our flat (I used to saw my room neat and clean before appointing the maid).Initially she used to come but as time passed she start sending her son for the same purpose.That boy is around 12 years old,he came regularly to our flat,sweeps our flat and went to some other place.Her mother was using him as her companion so that she can have more no of flats in her hand which results in good pay.
One day i asked that boy whether he goes to school or not,he said,he used to go school 2 years before and he has attended classes up to 4th,his father was not in a good state of health and family expenditure rose to recover his father's health,that's why he left school and helping her mother.A good emotional story,isn't it? I don't know whether he was lying or telling me the truth but i said to him that you must go school and study.This is not your work to sweep home,this is the time when you must study and make your and your family's future.He gave another excuse that he is not getting admission in any school due to two year break in his studies.
I told him that we don't want him to come for this work and if he continues to come than may be we will discontinue from you.I asked him to tell his mother to talk to me, i thought may be i will convince her mother to send him to a school but her mother gave another dozens of excuses to me.
I told him that he can bring his books on weekends and i will give him free tuition's but he never turned up.As i gave threat to discontinue from them,her mother started to come her flat for cleaning and sweeping and stopped him to come our home.I assumed that her mother got convinced and now she is not using him but my assumption came wrong when i came to know that her mother stopped him to come to our flat and started sending him to some other flat.She didn't wanted to lose her second hand.After some time i also came to know that, that maid have one more son and she is also using him for the same person.Their family is earning from the four hands.
I was not able to do anything in this but i decided that i will not use that boy again.Once i was seeing Shah Rukh Khan's interview on a show and there he said one thing:-

"If we are not able to stop the wrong things around us than at least we should not do the wrong things."
Its really sad to see such things that still childrens from lower class are not able to go school.We say that India is an fast growing and developing country but are we really growing and developing.

Earth Hour

Earth is asking for just one hour from us so that it can help us and we are not helping it.27th March the day when Earth hour is conducted at International level in which we had to minimize the use of lights just for one hour so that the heat produced by all the heat emitting devices across the earth can be reduced by some small amount so that we can reduce Global warming.
Global warming, seems not to be felt by us in our daily lives if we do not want to feel it.We are still using Air Conditioners all the time in our offices,home or Shopping Malls.If you want to know how much heat an AC emits than go in front of its condenser and you will feel a heavy hot breeze, hot up to the extent that if you are completely wet in your clothes than you can dry them by just standing in front of it for 20-25 minutes.

27 th March, time was approaching to 8:30 pm,suddenly power failure occurred in our area 5 minutes before the scheduled time.It was unbelievable that Electricity board was following the schedule of Earth hour or I should say they got a genuine reason to cut power so that it can be saved.Whatever it is, it helped those who don't have inverter at their home i.e. People who have inverters at their home were using it without caring to minimize the power consumption as mentioned for Earth hour.They don't care,they just can't miss their TV serials for one hour duration.But still Electricity board helped.Most of the area was in dark as just like as Black out.Hope we have saved some amount of heat.
Major example of Global warming,This year winter season closed after Holi and summer has to arrive but to surprise before summer, Monsoon arrived in North and its raining from past 2 days.Global warming is making changes in atmospheric cycles.

I think we all have to join hands for reducing Global warming.Every single person can make a difference by lowering the extra use of water,power and heat emitting devices.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Orkut and Friends

Surfing in midnight when no friends are online except those who are abroad seems boring especially when you are on the web from the past 3 hours,taking updates on each side and giving self updates.
Weekend is on and that's why I am still up and finding ways to kill time as i am not feeling sleepy.May be the thought of weekend is keeping me up so late.Enrique is on Windi Medi Player singing his most popular songs.Still surfing orkut and different websites,checking my official mail (i know no one is going to shoot mail at this time but i need to keep my lapi busy in something ;~)).
I observed one thing while surfing Orkut, i went through my friend list, i was just taking an idea who are residing in my friend list which makes an count of 191 and do i really know all of them? I was going through each profile and i found that each of my friend is happy and in good state of life.Some are enjoying,working outside India and some are rocking at India.
I was observing at each and every ones orkut portrait photo,most of them are smiling,some are showing there photography skills and some ressemble like film stars (OMG, when i was with them they never looked like a film star,what happens then.....).
When i look back in 2006,it was started,the time i and many other like me started orkuting,suddenly whole college was addicted to Orkut.There were many fights with lab administration people to unblock orkut as Orkut attained maximum no of hits and bandwidth of College internet.College authorities was wandering and talking about Orkut,they were not aware about Orkut.All the desktops assigned for accessing Internet was having just one website opened all the time.Orkut with less features gained so much popularity.
Time passed,we passed out from college,we became Engineers,we stepped in to Professional world with one thing in common,Orkut.Orkut provided us a medium or platform to stay in touch with our friends.As time passed Orkut get matured and launched many features with increasing privacy and security.
Well I am really happy to see updates from my friends on Orkut.I am really happy that my all friends are good and rocking.
Thanks Orkut.
Keep rocking Guys!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Search Of God.

We always go to temples,mosques,church and Gurudwara to offer our prayers to our almighty.We believe, temples and various other holy places are those where god resides or we can get a feeling to be at near or close to god.
We always pray to god for the happiness,success in our life.We ask him to bless us with all good things so that we can live a good life.I think,we are so selfish,we always ask god for only our self.Have we asked him for the good or happiness of others,If so than how many times we have asked him for others?
In normal life we generally talk with each other,we socialize at this society.We met various people and have our own perception for each and every body.This perception guides our mind to have a particular tone or style of talking when we meet different people.
For Ex:- If i am talking to my boss then my tone of talking will be very respective and i will be very humble to him on the other hand after completing conversation with boss if i met a person who is at same level on which i am,my way of talking and tone becomes different.I will behaving like a cool dude with my friends.
If we are talking to a person of opposite gender at that time also we are very different from our originality.If we encounter a person who is not of our level,who is like a rickshaw puller,bus driver etc we treat them as nobody is superior than us and we always talk to them in a way of giving them order.
What if one day we come across god?what we will do at that time?May be greet him very politely,respect fully from the core of heart because we are with god.May be we would be ready to do anything which god says at that time.We will follow to him like anything.Am i right here?
God says, I am everywhere,I am in every single thing from a partical of dust to every human heart.I am in every non living thing and i am in every living thing.But we forget these words and we have bounded god into the area of temples,mosque,church and other holy places.We can go thousand of miles away to see the birth place,foot prints or many others things which are related to god but we can't help those persons who really need help.We give a donation of Rs 100 in temple but we take our hand back to feed a small dirty children who comes to us asking for money.
Why we forget about god when we are scolding or abusing a person who is from lower level.Have you ever imagined that the person you are scolding,beating or abusing can be god (God can come in any form...isn't it)....yes he can be god who came to you, what will you do then after knowing he is god,ask that person to forgive you.... a second before you were beating him and a second later you are asking forgiveness.
Have you ever helped a person from lower class who needs help and have you ever came across the happiness on their face.I have experienced it,
One fine evening i was at road side eatery and i was waiting for my burger to come as i was very hungry at that time.When stall owner passed me my burger a small kid came to me and pulled my trouser.I looked at him and he was asking to me for some food.He was looking very hungry,i stopped myself and handed over my burger to him.He ate that burger and i saw a kind of happiness or a kind of satisfaction on face that comes after eating something especially when you were very hungry.I was feeling that what that kid was feeling after he took his first bite of burger,i feeled as that single bite going through my food pipe to stomach passing lungs (same observation when u ate something after a very long time).
This kind of feeling happiness is very different from the other things.I believe, i fed burger to god :~) that day who is in the form of a small boy.
My opinion is that we should greet every one in this society with a very warm and welcoming attitude.I know sometimes we face a rude behaviour from some but if we remain cool and warm then they will also correct their way of talking. (wo kehte he na,pyaar se sab thik kiya jaa sakta he).
We should greet everyone with a smile,Life is to smile.Keep a smile on your face.
Trust me just try to keep smile,be polite and warm to each and everyone,I am sure you feel that you came across god.

I am pasting some lines of a song "Banda re" from movie Raaz 2 as i believe there is truthness in them.

Mauko Kahaan Dhoondhe Re
BandeMain To Tere Paas Mein
Naa Teerath Mein Naa Moorat Mein
Naa Ekaant Niwaas Mein
Naa Mandir Mein Naa Masjid Mein
Naa Kabhi Kailaash Mein
Main To Tere Paas Mein Bande....
Main To Tere Paas Mein

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mirror and Mirror Images

As defined, A mirror is an object with one surface polished, which leads to reflection and another opaque.A mirror creates an exact copy of any object placed in front of it.
Above are the common definitions of a mirror, But mirrors show some thing more to a person.The difference is, the way of looking at the mirror.
Every morning when i go in front of mirror, i saw a person standing in front of me looking exactly as me,does all the things which i do but in a opposite manner.I know that this is my mirror image and it is opposite.Mirrors are made to do the opposite things which made the person inside the mirror totally different from us.
As we know that our mirror images do the things exactly opposite whatever we do.Just imagine, there is a different world inside mirror where all the things happens like our daily life.Whatever activities we do in a daily routine they just happens opposite in the mirror world.For example, If i am cursing anybody or scolding a person than my mirror image will be blessing that person or vice versa.
I think we have a similarity with mirrors.How?A plane glass is polished from one side so that it can act as an mirror.We see other side of the mirror not the back side of it. We as a person are also polished from one side and show our other side to outer world.Outer world will only see the other side of us but no one see the back of polished side which is completely different from the other side.No body knows what a person is in reality, we only knows a person according to the image which he is showing to the world.
Mirror images also asks you such questions which no body can ask you and nobody other than you can answer them.Although it is just a piece of glass but it means a lot.A mirror makes you realize what you are.It shows you as a confident person and it shows you as a defeated or dejected person.
Mirror is the thing in which a person can match his eyes with his own, it totally depends on us whether we have the courage to match our eyes with our mirror image or we try to avoid the eye contact.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Whether To Ask An Unknown Girl For Friendship or Not

Yeah, this is an straight forward question How to ask an unknown girl for friendship?

There is a girl in the society where i am residing from the last two years, i came across her first time in a shared auto rickshaw.During my initial days when i joined my first job i used to commute with shared auto rickshaw up to my office.An shared auto rickshaw runs on a pre-defined route carrying 12 persons at a time including driver.
I came across her again and again,some times in between 12 persons,some times in between 5 persons and one time there were just I and her,two eyes became four eyes but still i didn't asked for friendship. I thought how should i proceed, why a person will accept an friendship offer from an unknown person with out having any information about him or her.But am i unknown to her? I guess yes and no,Yes , because she don't know anything about me and No, because she also knows that we came across many times.This part made me feel that i should at least ask her for friendship,but i didn't asked her.I don't know why? I am still searching the answer of this question.

Soon i upgraded from shared auto rickshaw to bike and start commuting on ma bike.Due to this i was not coming across her in any means but she was still commuting through shared auto rickshaw.One day i came to know that she used to work in some company which is very near to mine as i saw her one day at a road side food eatery near that area where i used to go for some tea or snacks.I was not aware about her company name as there are lots of BPOs and Technological firms but may be she knows where i work.
She must have seen the strap of my access card on which my company name is printed.Still i ask my self,should i ask her? but what i will say if she asked me why i want to do friendship with her?no answers till date but i want to ask her......
One year went and i was not aware whether she is still in the same society or she left.Some time back i saw her again and saw that she is residing just a block away but at that time i didn't have time as i was going very busy in the office and having an schedule of 10 am to 11 pm due to project deadlines and deliveries.Soon i forgot all these things and i almost forgot about her.

The new year came and from the new month of new year i started visiting Hanuman temple located in my society on every Tuesday so that i can pray to god at least once in a week. I saw her at the temple and she saw me,again two eyes became four eyes.I got an sigh,oh...she is still in this society.I heard an internal sound saying some thing to me but i was getting two sounds one in left ear and one right ear, exactly as like films,one side my devil was saying and other side my angel

Angel: "go and ask her you dumbo"
Devil:"no man, this is a temple,don't make any fuss here"
Angel:"C'mon, this is a good chance"
Devil:"What if she refused?"
Angel:"C'mon,don't bother about result,at least ask her.Don't you remember the saying karm kar aur phal ki chinta mat kar"
Devil:"What if she asked the reason"
Angel:"Say anything but go and ask first,may be she will not ask anything"

My head and eyes were swinging between two and when i looked around she vanished from temple.I saw she was going ahead,just a few meters ahead.I didn't followed her and was standing there.I looked at the time so that i can again catch her at the temple,may be next coming tuesday.
Next tuesday arrived but at the noted time she didn't showed up.I said myself,next tuesday.

Still i am confused should i ask her or not?What reason i will provide if she asked me the reason for friendship?why a person will accept an friendship proposal from an unknown person?

Whether to ask an Unknown Girl for Friendship or not.

Any help?

Time = Money

We always heard people saying that "Time is also money and we should give value to time,its very important".But how many of us have realized the importance of time in terms of money?
I realized this thing when i came across one of the watchman in my company.
One fine morning i reached to parking lot owned by my organization, i parked my bike,told my name and my employee id to Watchman named Jeevan Singh (so that he can update Time in and Time out in his record book) and boarded the parking shuttle to office.This is an every day process and there is nothing new about it.On that same evening when i was leaving office around 9 pm i came across Jeevan Singh at security kiosk,he greeted me and checked me before leaving office premises (well ,in our organization there is a general process of checking individual during their entry and exist in which he/she get scanned through metal detectors by security in order to ensure that we are not carrying any magnetic media,pen drives,cds or any such medium on which any information can be recorded).When he did all security measures he said "Goodnight Sir!!" and got busy checking others.
When i was in parking shuttle, i was thinking that this man was on duty since morning and still he is here at 9 pm.I assumed he had duty hours of 12 hours and he will be leaving on.
Next morning when i went to parking lot, my eyes were searching for him and i was not able to see him.I thought may be he will come late to duty as he was there at office up to late hours.I reached office gate and got surprised when i saw him at the same security kiosk.He said "Good Morning Sir!!" i was so curious that instead of saying him Good Morning in reply i asked him

me:Jeevan Singh,How come you are here as you were in the night also.Did you came so early in the morning ?
JS:Sir, i am here from the last night and i didn't went off from the duty.
me:Why so?why you are doing continuous duty?
JS:Sir, i will do duty of 36 hours so that i can get my overtime payment as i need to go home and i require money.
me:But how can you do a continuous 36 hour long duty without catching any sleep?
JS:Sir, this is my job and i am habitual to it, i did 36 hour duty before.
JS:Sir, you guys got 8 hours of working hours but still you were leaving office yesterday at 9 pm i.e. after 12 hours of duty.If you can extend 4 hours more than why i can't.

i didn't uttered a single word and went ahead,swapped my access card,opened the door and went in towards my work bench.
That day i realized how time is related to money.In fact we software guys got billed from US based clients on the basis of no of hours we spent in the office for their work and our organization got payment from US based client according to following formula:-

payment = no of hours spent in a day x 5 working days x 5or 4 weeks

Here also we are earning according to the no of hours we are spending in the office doing work for others.
An software professional spend 10 - 12 hours (although 8 hours are normal office timings) in his small cubicle by only sitting and working on a computer in Air cooled environment while an Watchman spend his 10-12 hours in long and big areas by only standing all the time.But both are earning according to the time he spent on his duty.
If you really want to know the relation between time and money than go ask MD or Finance VP of any software firm.