Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Dream Which Will Never Get Fullfilled

We all used to see dreams when we go to bed and generally dreams are related to activities which we did on that particular whole day.But some dreams or some actions are repetitive i.e. some thing which always comes in dreams either on a regular basis or at random basis.But there is some thing which get associated to you in a virtual world from years,some thing which is not possible in real world.

One such thing which i see in my dreams more often is the ability to fly.I can fly in dreams and i can come down safely whenever i want.I just need to stretch my both hands with palms towards the sky keeping my eyes closed,just like as we do during meditation and then started rising above the ground.I saw this activity many times in different situations in my dreams,some time i wonder that do i really have a power to fly like that.

This dream is associated with me from past 10 years (as far as i remember), I am seeing this dream from the time when television programs like Shaktimaan or movies like Matrix were not launched.

I heard that every dream has its meaning, there are also lots of websites which interprets dreams but i never bothered to see the meaning of this dream.

That's why i titled this as "A Dream Which Will Never Get Fullfilled" in real life.

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