Monday, February 16, 2009

Dad Is Always Right...

Yes,Dads are always right.Some times we feel that our Dad is out of fashion,don't know about latest technologies, we have an generation gap,he don't understand todays open youth culture.
Some times Dad gives lots of explaination and cautionary tips before we do some thing for ex: if you have to buy a new thing than your dad will give you lots of tips for that product to ensure that we get a good thing.He values money and his main concern is if we are spending money on some thing than that thing should worth it and we just think "what dad, why can't you stop examining pros and cons of each and every thing,why can't you just buy me that damn thing or why can't you let me buy that thing".Our eyes are so deeply catched with that particular thing that we forgot the fact that our own dad is right and we should do the things according to him.

But at some point we realize that ya,Dad was right.I am the one who has not followed him.
I also went through this and I have a one example when I realized that.

Some time around July 2005, my family and one more family went to Panvel (Mumbai) as my dad and his friend has some official meeting there so they took all of us to there so that we can meet other family friends and have a nice time.One fine evening we all decided to go Vashi (Navi Mumbai) for dinner and for some shopping there.Instead of going through our own cars we decided to go by local train so that we can save time, we reached Panvel local station,parked our four wheelers and my dad bought 12 tickets.I asked my dad to give me my ticket and conversation was
me:Dad, give me my ticket.
Dad:Why, I am keeping all of them with me, why do you need that.
me: (in a joking mood) In case you left than I don't want to face Ticket checker without a ticket.
Dad:Okay,here is yours but remember I am you dad.
I kept that ticket in upper left pocket and we all boarded the train,whole family was inside and I was standing at the local train gate for getting more air (as I was not new in Mumbai and all those who have been to Mumbai can understand) and the atmosphere was also very fine as cold winds were flowing.As the local train reached at the banks of sea, wind flow increased and suddenly my whole shirt get filled with air.Due to that heavy wind flow, my ticket in pocket got flowed outside my pocket and I was just watching this as a dumb.I was not able to beleive on my eyes.
I was thinking what should I do now, tell my,he will scold me in front of all.What should I do..... I just went silently and sat inside with my family and I was pretending as nothing was happened and regained the false smile on my face.I decided not to tell anybody about this untill i get caught by TC because if I get caught than there is no other option left for me and if I not then I don't need to tell anybody.
As we reached Vashi station and walking out of station, I spotted a Ticket checker was standing out there and checking tickets.I tried to hide myself in between the mob and my family but some how TC camed towards me leaving all the passenger around me and asked me for the ticket.I thought, now I get caught and I have to tell them all the story.I was searching the ticket in pockets to show him that I have it but I am not getting it.By seeing my enacts my father camed and gave him the tickets which were 11 in number.TC looked at them, he asked whether the tickets are 12 or not.My father ensured him that they are 12 in numbers.TC didn't bothered to count them and started asking other people to show tickets.

My Dad saved me that day and he said quitely "I am your Dad".I knew what he tried to describe by those four words, I just said "Yes Dad you are".
Above incident made me believe that Dads are always Right ;o)

Friday, February 13, 2009

When Nature Paints in Badrinath

There were more pics but i have uploaded only few of them.

Origination point of river Saraswati.
Hills covered with clouds.

When Nature Paints in Shimla

Sun Rays coming down deplicting clouds.
Sun set.

Indian Railways Stack Bridge.

Green Valley,Kufri.
Great Himalayas.
Great Himalayas covered with Snow
Please, Don't hit with that Snow.

Snow,clouds covering Himalayas

Shimla During Sunset.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Dream Which Will Never Get Fullfilled

We all used to see dreams when we go to bed and generally dreams are related to activities which we did on that particular whole day.But some dreams or some actions are repetitive i.e. some thing which always comes in dreams either on a regular basis or at random basis.But there is some thing which get associated to you in a virtual world from years,some thing which is not possible in real world.

One such thing which i see in my dreams more often is the ability to fly.I can fly in dreams and i can come down safely whenever i want.I just need to stretch my both hands with palms towards the sky keeping my eyes closed,just like as we do during meditation and then started rising above the ground.I saw this activity many times in different situations in my dreams,some time i wonder that do i really have a power to fly like that.

This dream is associated with me from past 10 years (as far as i remember), I am seeing this dream from the time when television programs like Shaktimaan or movies like Matrix were not launched.

I heard that every dream has its meaning, there are also lots of websites which interprets dreams but i never bothered to see the meaning of this dream.

That's why i titled this as "A Dream Which Will Never Get Fullfilled" in real life.

Belated New Year Greetings

As we have already entered in New Year 2009, I wish all a very happy,prosperous,rocking New Year 2009.

May the alimighty bless us and give us enough strength to accomplish our goals and dreams.May the god showers happiness on us.

I know these wishes are quite  late but greetings are greetings and still we are in New Year :)