Saturday, December 20, 2008

sMaLl ThInGs BuT bIg ExAmPlEs

Sometimes small things around us are so much expressive that we can take good examples from them for big things in our daily life.We just need a vision to see these small things which teaches us various things in our day to day life.When i was answering nature's morning call with half opened eyes in private room i observed a small but big example of hard work,dedication,high spirit of continuous work,team work.One small ant was moving towards it's destination and other ants were following it.I put washing brush in front of that ant with an intention to stop it.I succeeded in my goal but that success was only for few seconds,that ant stopped for a second in front of that brush and start moving through it.It entered inside the hairs of that brush as it already assumed or analyzed that there is an way out of those plastic hairs.That ant moved continuously and others were following it and crossed the barrier which i kept in their way.This scenario seems like leader ant analyzed that obstacle can be passed and communicated it to its team. I kept that brush again in their path but this time in inverted position so that they can not pass through it.Leader ant again analysed the obstacle and started climbing it and again made its way out of plastic hairs.Again an example of team communication,analysis and leadership qualities.
This time i kept my hand in their path,leader ant retraced its path and started moving beside my hand.God knows how much analytic power he has given to them to accomplish their tasks.

Have you seen green grass?yes green grass in your nearby parks which are used to hide the ground and makes it looks good.These grasses are very small but they are very strong from their roots.When wind storm comes,big and tall trees fell down but grasses always remain at their place holding soil.Grasses shows an strong example of strong base i.e. if you have a very strong base then nothing can make you fell down.
I have seen some big fatty rats at the ground floor of my apartment.I always saw them searching for food and eating some thing all the time which makes them so fatty but when they sense danger they run as fast as they can to survive.They never think they are fat,they are just keep eating and growing big in size which sometimes scares people.A continuous practice of running keep them fit and make them aware of every danger coming their way.

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