Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One small journey with Shalini

***Disclaimer - IGNORE this unless you're bored, not in mood to keep your eyes on same thing for so long, can't sleep and want to fall asleep.***

After having an unfortunate dream on 21 Oct night i was extra cautious about my belongings which i needed to carry with me on the journey to my long awaited holidays.I was just passing days and time at office so that i could go to have a tension free,work and client conference free holidays with my family.I was not in the mood to see another any such dream which makes me wake up drenched in sweat.
On the day on which i have to travel i left office at around 1 pm (not on 12:30 pm as i did in my dream and i don't want to repeat all the things which i saw two days earlier) to avoid any bad omen. Came to my room,picked my luggage,double checked whether i am carrying my wallet and cell phone.Took auto to Metro station and finally reached NDLS railway station after facing all security measures incorporated at Metro stations.
Checked status of train on enquiry counter, my train was one and half hour late... i thought not a good day....again i checked my wallet and cell phone as i was extra cautious this time but not over smart.I started moving to the platform but before that i took a quick glance at the area around me,actually my eyes were searching for that telephone booth from where i made a phone call to my home in my dream but i was surprised to saw that there was no such telephone booth particularly in that area which i saw in my dream.
Took stairs to go on platform six where my train was scheduled to arrive with an delay of one hour thirty minutes.Crowd at platform left not a single seat as some train was already there which was about to leave.After taking one full round trip of platform i got a seat to sit.I checked my ticket which was kept inside the pocket of bag to confirm that if i lost my money than at least I'll be able to go home.My train ticket was not confirmed but it was Reservation against cancellation (RAC) so moreover my ticket was half confirmed in which i was required to share half seat with some other passenger and need to travel 1250 miles by sitting until or unless one of us bribe TC for a full seat or adjust our self on the ground of coach.I was thinking that if i get tired of sitting than i will take the opportunity to adjust myself at ground level once all the passengers of 6 seat get settled and ground level of AC coaches are clean as compared to sleeper coaches. I looked at my watch,still half an hour left for the train to show up.Suddenly another announcement declared that train is delayed by total 2 hours.God....why these guys don't tell exact information at a time,i must have gone to some near by place to kill time instead of sitting here on platform and watching passengers moving here and there.

I felt a very little and acute feeling of head ache as my ears were listening all the crappy and useless sounds there from last one and half hour.To avoid this, i took some short rounds as i was not in mood to lose my seat and i also wanted keep an eye on my bag which i kept at the place where i was sitting couple of minutes before.Reading novel which was in my bag came to my mind but i refused to do so as i did not wanted to read that story in that creepy atmosphere.
Another announcement declares that train is delayed by another half an hour which made it total of 2 hour and 30 minutes,this time railway gave explanation also.....they said "due to unavailability of platform we are not able to bring the train in....and it is standing on outer of NDLS rlwy station....".Ndls rlwy station has 16 platforms, all of them were occupied out of which 4 were under maintenance,so a total of 12 platforms.
Reservation chart for the train was placed at display boards but i was not interested to see who's next to me and with whom i was going to share the seat.I was already aware about the location of my half seat as i checked the status from railway website.Passengers who were having waiting tickets were jostling to see the status of their ticket.I was standing there and i randomly asked a person what was the waiting number he had, he replied

person: 90 is my waiting number.
me : its impossible to get 90 number get cleared on the occasion of diwali specially on the countries

busiest Delhi to Mumbai route.
person: may be it got cleared as railway has increased no of births in coaches from 8 to 9 in each coupe

and that's why i am trying to see my status.
me : there is no need of that,if you have cell phone with you, you can get your PNR status on

cell phone itself.
person: thanx for the information but i don't have cell phone with me.
me : okay.

checked his status with my cell phone and moved back to my seat.I thought he must not be in the mob who were wooing the display board but i got surprised when i found him standing there....may be his dad instructed him to not to believe on stranger in any means.

Suddenly i felt a drift in the mob present on platform, i came to know that long awaited train was arriving on the platform and that was the time when i need to leave my seat which was acquired by me from past 2 hours. Train halted and passengers started boarding deboarding,again tiff occurred between passengers boarding and deboarding.I managed to reach my half seat,kept my luggage below the seat and was sitting casually watching movements of peoples trying to get settle down with their luggage.I was wondering who will gonna be the owner of other half seat,actually i was waiting for that passenger to come.Its been only 10 minutes left from the departure time of train and still there is no sign of that passenger.I thought may be this person will board the train from next stop Mathura or he will be in some other coach.I took out my ear phones and started listening music as i was fresh at this time,no sign of acute head ache.
A voice made me to pause my current song so that i can confirm is somebody saying something to me.When i turned around i saw a girl was asking to me

girl:Excuse me,is this your seat?
me :yes,but only the half one.
me :are you having the RAC on this seat number.
me :okay.

Voila!!!!!!!!! was the word which came in my mouth but i kept it in my mouth only.I said

me :just settle down, i will be back.

As there were around two minutes left from the departure time of train, i quickly reached at the door of train and looked at the reservation chart which consists information about passengers including name,age,gender,seat no,reservation up to station and boarding station,i started from top to bottom looking for my seat no
32 Ankit M 24 NDLS SU
32 Shalini F 23 NDLS BR

okay, so Shalini is the name of girl.I went back to my seat and found she was settled at the half seat,looking out of window and waiting for train to make move towards our destinations.I took out my novel from the bag to avoid looking her as 2 times she saw me staring at her.I was finding an way to start conversation although she made first attempt but that was the formal one.Train started moving,suddenly she got a call on her cell phone and she responded back to that call with the current status of train...may be call from her home or some relative.I was acting as i was reading my novel very deeply but in reality i was looking at her again and again whenever i got the chance to do so.She asked me

Girl:"At what time this train will reach to Vadodara?"
again she made an attempt for conversation and i was not in condition to miss this chance as i was looking for this moment. I replied with a facial expression as i got disturbed
me :"train is running 3 hours late and right time of reaching Vadodara is 8:30 am, so now it will reach around 11 am"
she asked
girl :"how come 11 am,according to delay in 3 hours it should reach at 11:30 am" girl,good in mathematics.

me :Ya that's true,but generally this train covers some time in night as it runs continuously in night due to no traffic of other trains on the track.
girl : okay...
I thought my answer would have refreshed her concepts of speed,time and distance.I said again "by the way i am Ankit" she said "Ya i know,i saw your name on the reservation chart".I thought "what a girl....she has already seen reservation chart" in reply to her i said "okay Shalini", she started laughing and asked "when did u saw the chart", i said "actually if i tell you the truth than the moment you asked me whether this seat is mine or not and  i
went out by saying that "you get settle down, i will be back" at that moment i went out to see reservation chart"
.She said "and what would be your answer if you were gonna lie?" i said "than probably i must have said that i have seen it on platform itself".
I asked her
me : So you are going to Vadodara?
Shalini: What makes you say that i am going to Vadodara?
me : Well just now you asked me when this train gonna reach Vadodara,isn't it.
Shalini: Well,that doesn't mean i am deboarding there.Actually i am expecting my uncle to be there.
me : okay (before i asked her again and just opened my mouth,she said).
Shalini: by the way i am going to Bandra.
Shalini: and you to Surat,isn't it.
me : Yup,so you have seen my destination
She took out a novel from her hand bag and it was Sons of fortune by Jeffrey Archer, i asked her "whether she is also a fan of Jeffrey Archer?" she said "who else here is also fan of him,are you" i said "yes,i am, as i have Shall we tell the president with me".I asked her "how is Mr Fletcher? (one of the character from sons of fortune)", she said "if you are in mood to tell me the climax than please don't do that" i said "No,i just want to know at which point you are right now".
She asked me "so...Ankit,what do you do?" i said " I am working as a software engineer in an Software MNC which has one branch at Noida"...okay she said (as usual) and "i am in the profession of event management and i am going to Bandra for an event", she told me about herself before i asked her.I said "well good to know you are in event management profession,but i didn't asked you about this"...she said "yes,but you were eager to know this,don't you".... i was out of words...she was so clever and quick....i said "That's why you are in this profession"...she didn't said any thing as she got what i meant by those last words of mine.
I was reading my novel as i was not getting any other thing on which our conversation can be continued.Train was running fast by passing stations and approaching Mathura.I or in fact we both were waiting for dinner to come which we ordered to irctc catering service.Due to delay in train at Delhi, pantry service got affected and dinner was served late.During the dinner i asked her what kind of event her company manages and i came to know that her company manages social shows which are performed by bands,singers and stars for charity which includes management of things like security,seating arrangements,stage arrangements,spacing arrangements,safety arrangements,catering arrangements.She belonged to safety and seating arrangements.
As it was already late,passengers started arranging their bedding to catch some sleep as all were tired by the wait which each one has to do for train.I was feeling tired but i or we don't have any other option other than sitting.In fact i quit thought of settling down on ground floor.I said Shalini to stretch her legs on the seat,she refused first but after some time she felt i was suggesting a good idea and she stretched her legs.I was reading my novel but as lights went off i was unable to read,so i went outside to get some light as i need to pass time.Shalini was resting out at the full seat,i thought may be she fell asleep on the full seat but i need to sit there also as i was not able to spend whole night standing near wash basin with a novel in my hand. I heard the sound of door which separates the non-ac and ac section of coach,when i turned back it was Shalini.I said "Hey,i thought you fell asleep as you were looking tired",she said she was not feeling sleepy and she was also not able to read her novel in the dark and feeling bored so she came out to have a chat.She asked me about my profession,she also has the same perception about software industry that our life is so cool and full of glamour.I cleared her that BPO life is glamorous and software life is cool because we work in an air conditioned environment,nothing other than this is cool about software life.
Train stopped at Bharatpur station, i asked Shalini whether she needs tea or coffee as i was going down to have one for mine,she agreed to have tea.I said "okay get inside to seat,i will be back".I went back holding two cups of tea in hand,hand overed one to her.As people around us were sleeping, we were not able to talk in normal pitch of voice.When Shalini was taking sip from her cup i was looking at her,she was looking fantabulous as blue light was falling on her face and got mixed with her fair complexion.I felt i was infatuated.She was silently sipping her tea, i asked her why she is so silent and not uttering any word.She responded back to this question and i was not expecting that response,she said "you were continuously staring me,what makes you do that?".I replied to her that "honestly speaking you are looking fantabulous at this time and i was not able to take my eyes off from you"....hmmm...she said...she said "you know what,i like your honesty,things which u said so honestly is good,but i don't know whether this is your honesty or you are flirting with me", i said " you are right, but this depends on you that what perception you had for me and how much you trust me in this".Shalini said,she was talking to me from the time when she boarded the train,girls normally don't talk to people if they have a bad perception about them.I asked her whether she is telling me any secret of girls or a reality.A reality of an normal person....i got the answer from her.
She said we should take some rest now as it is already 2:30 am,so we can spread our legs towards each other and i should not shy for keeping legs towards her....c'mon don't be so formal...she said to me... i kept my legs towards her but on the outer side of the seat.She closed her eyes but i didn't.She asked me to stop staring, i said i was not staring her as to stare her i should be able to see her face and her face was in complete dark shadow of above seat.She slapped me on my legs and continued to close her eyes and said "when was the last time you were serious,can't you give a straight answer to any question which is asked to you..... ",i said "sorry madam...i am sorry,now please continue your rest at 2:35 am".

Train was running fast to cover delayed time.I was looking out of glass window but I was able to see only my reflection as outside environment was completely dark,few things were visible when a small station comes.My phone was playing Is this love a song from movie Pyaar k Side Effects and i was asking that question to myself but i was not able to find the answer.I still thought that i have an infatuation.
I started feeling as if some kind of weight are on my eyelids as they are getting down.I was feeling sleepy, i fell asleep but got awake as Shalini shifted her leg.Train was approaching Kota,I again fell asleep.I felt some kinda drift in train,some kinda creepy sound which generally produced by tyres of train, i didn't opened my eyes.I start hearing more lound sounds, sounds of people.I opened my eyes and looked at scared and horrifying faces of people.Some thing was going wrong, I looked at Shalini,totally scared and unknown of the fact what was happening.

Suddenly we felt heavy jerks, i assumed that our train is getting derailed and our coach is going to collapse.Oh my god was the word in my mind.As soon as the word derailed passed through out my mind,whole picture of catastrophic damages and loss of live flashes into my eyes.

The situation was like we all gonna die but i was not prepared to die, i dont't want to get died so early, i haven't seen the world, i don't want to die without having love of life.... Oh my god, Oh my god please save us,please save us all.... and then i felt that our coach is finally getting down as we felt lots of jerks and all the luggage was scattered on the floor.People were shouting for the help, i felt some thing hit my head, i lost my control on myself and became unconsious. Last thing i saw before collapsing was Shalini was lending her hand to support me.

was the sound which i heard, i was thinking that from where this sound is coming, where i am right hell or heaven....does there are also chai walas in hell or heaven....i heard sound of running train....i was thinking whats going on.....i opened my eyes and found Shalini seating in front of me looking outside window.I looked outside window and found that it was a beautifull morning and train is running very fast....I asked her 

me:"Am I alive"?
Shalini:What......what are you talking ????
me: Am I alive? i asked her again... 
Shalini:ofcourse you are alive....
me:Thank God!!. 

She looked surprised and asked 
Shalini:Whats wrong with you,for what you are thanking god"...

i didn't told her the whole story or the dream which i had last night. 

me:nothing i just had a bad dream. by the way where are we...
Shalini:We have passed Vadodara.
me:Oh...i slept very long btw did u met your uncle?
Shalini:Ya, I met him.
me:Okay, lemme get fresh and compile my luggage as we are approaching to Surat in next 2 hours.

I have not expected that the whole journey will end like this.I was dreaming a lot those days...

I came back and got settled at my seat and started compiling my luggage.She asked

Shalini: So what are your plans once you reach your home?
me: nothing planned as of now, one thing which in my mind right now is to just have a good break and a good sleep in my mom's arms.
Shalini:Good, mine will be hectic once i will step in to Mumbai.

I was sitting quiet as i was not in the mood to talk after a strainfull sleep, my body was aching at different parts as i was in a single position for several hours....

I got a glimpse of Tapi river and said "its time to go", she suddenly took out her cell phone and asked me my cell phone no.We exchanged our cell phone numbers so that we can keep in touch.

I asked her to just give me a call when she reach Mumbai, she assured me to do so..... I de boarded the train met my parents who were waiting on the platform and waived a final bye to her and moved on.

I got call from her confirming that she reached Mumbai..... I thought i should tell her about the dream which i had last night once we both are back from our trips... and i did the same....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ek Din ka Misfortune King

24 oct 08 was the day when i was supposed to leave Delhi for my long awaited Diwali vacations.Keeping things in my bag on daily basis as the big date was approaching so that i can avoid last minute packing hip haps... each time i see my bag i got a feeling that i am gonna have a good vacation.
Finally the day arrived and i left office at around 12:30 pm to reach railway station on time although New Delhi railway station is not so far from Noida but i kept an margin as i was very exicted and i was not in a mood to spoil this exictement.
1:30 pm i was standing at Metro station waiting for Metro to show up which goes towards New Delhi Metro station by runing on pair of rails 30 feet below the ground level.In the mean time i was looking at the advertisement which were fixed at underground station,while i was looking at the adds i came across a warning which mentioned to be aware of pick pocketers,i smiled at that warning and said to myself "i am smart enough".
Finally Metro train arrived and crowded platform become more crowded as people are jostling to get in the Metro.I got a leg space towards the other door to keep my both legs on the floor and heard some inside announcements which are used to run in a loop to keep inform travellers about pick pocketers and upcoming stations.
I was enjoying the standing ride in the Delhi Metro and hoping that may Mumbai also get an Metro so that people get a low fare air conditioned ride on Metros instead pushing each other to board local train and than stand in the mob which makes you suffocate if you are not on the door side of local train.My thought of Mumbai having a local train came to end when i heard an annoucement that Train is approaching NDLS (Rlwy code for New Delhi) and doors will open on right.I prepared myself to deboard the train by taking my bag on my shoulders.

OMG (Oh my god) came out of my mouth when i saw the mob at NDLS railway station.What happened today is every thing all right here, why there is so much mob today which is making paltforms to run out of leg space, these were the two back to back questions which i asked to a coolie who was looking towards me with a hope in his eyes that i may hire him to carry my luggage.Conversation between me and coolie

Coolie: Sir, its Diwali time and today is Friday which results in more days of vacations for every one.
Me: Oh yeah, i forgot today is Friday.
Coolie:Sir, may i carry your luggage.
Me: No thanx, i only have one bag,i will manage.
Coolie: Ok sir, no problem.

I know he was thinking that i will not hire him so there is no point of wasting time on me.I moved ahead from there thinking that "being an software engineer how the hell i forgot that today is Friday", the answerable and favourable part of my mind said "C'mon exictement is the only reason",instantly other part of mind said " this man is over exicted" i said "Shutup.....just shutup both of you and stop fighting......" i just had a quick look at the people around me to confirm that they had not heard what i just said.

Okay, enquiry counter was next to check the status of train,Paschim Express scheduled to arrive at right time on platform no 6.I got a smile on face and thanked to God that train is at right time.

Misfortune 1:-

I was taking stares to reach the paltform and suddenly i felt that my bag is pushing me,i felt like somebody is trying to take my bag but this was not true... a man was running over the stairs to catch his train which already started moving from the platform.Anyways i just escaped to fall on stairs,but when i looked at my bag it got torned from the point where straps are attached and my cloths are hanging out just like legs of kids on a seesaw.At this point of time i want to abuse that running man but he was out of my sight....

Misfortune 2:-

Taking my torned bag i started to move towards paltform and took one soft drink from the railway snacks counter and when i slipped my hand in pocket for the payment i felt nothing there, i got an hint that i got pick pocketed but i was not going to believe this.....i calmly put my bag down and started looking in other pockets of my jeans...vendor asked "what happened" i said nothing "i don't need that soft drink take it back"..... looked for a seat to put boms down and think what exactly happened very calmly so that i can recall if i had put my wallet somewhere else other than my pocket.
Soon i was googling my brain for the event of series that occured starting from my home to NDLS station.

Started from home --> hired auto-rickshaw to Metro station --> paid fare to auto-rickshaw driver --> this confirms that i had wallet uptill Metro station.

Took token from Metro station to NDLS Metro station -->paid fare again from the wallet.

Boarded metro --> deboared at Kashmiri gate--> change line2 from line1 --> boarded again for New delhi --> deboarded at NDLS Metro station. (Chances are may be i got pick pocketed in Metro).

Reached enquiry counter --> took stairs and pushed by a traveller running to catch his train (Chances are may be i got pick pocketed at stairs)

Rewinded all the picture of past 2 hours in my mind but the fact is i got pick pocketed..... i came across that warning at metro station where i smiled and said i am smart enough....and now all that smartness went.I started counting what all the things i have lost and what actions i have to take now, my money,my train ticket,my driving license,my credit cards,my ATM/debit card, 2 passport photographs of mine (who cares about 2 passport photographs but a loss is a loss) that's it.

Misfortune 3:-

I was aware about the fact that i will not be able to catch the train to my home as i lost my Internet ticket, i can take another print out but i don't have money for that and Internet ticket requires an identification proof which also went with my wallet.I realised that i should call to my bank for barding any transactions made from my credit and debit card.
When i slipped my hand in mobile holder which was at my belt i found it empty, "Holy shit" was the word which camed out of my mouth.My mobile too.....oh c'mon...i again googled all the events again in my mind but i come to know that in over exictement i forgot to pick my cell phone from my room as i kept it to get some charge..but this was not sure because i was also not able to ring my phone as i don't have a single not sure whether it also got pick pocketed...

Misfortune 4:-

I realised that there is no point in sitting at the platform as i will not be able to board the train, i started to move out of station and suddenly i felt somebody's hand on my shoulder, when i turned my face back Ticket checking officer was asking me for ticket as they do with passengers who were going out of the station.God.... now how will i explain to him that from what i have just gone through an how will he react after listening my story.

TC: where is the ticket?
me:Sir, i had ticket but i got pick pocketed.
TC: Oh, good one young man.
me: Sir, i am not lying.
TC: I know you have travelled without ticket, c'mon tell me from where are you coming
me: Sir, i camed here to board Paschim express but my tcket and all stuff got pick pocketed,trust me.
TC: I cannot trust you,c'mon pay the fine.
me: Sir, i don't have a single penny from where i will pay the fine, you can check me.
TC: Are you sure?
me: Sir, i am sure check me and you will not find anything from me.
TC: If got money from you than i will take whatever you have so keep this in mind
TC: Are you sure?
me: I am sure check me.

He checked me throughly,he didnt got anything.He checked my bag, he again didnt got anything... he said "Abe bilkul khaali ghoom raha he kya" i said " Sir, i told you" than he said "Chal side me khada reh,tere ko abhi dekhta hoon" as in the mean time he missed some more passengers may be who travelled without ticket.I was standing at side just a like fool watching passengers passing me,suddenly TC moves a lil bit and it seems like he don't have an eye on me...i just run out of there through the door....and once i was out he was unable to do anything...i dumped him here but i didn't have any other option.
I was thinking why this happens that when you have ticket than no body ask you anything,but when you don't have ticket you always face an TC.
Suddenly the whole world around me seems to be unknown,i felt dejected as i have not a single penny.That day i uderstood the true value of money.
"Now what i am gonna do,how i will reach back to Noida without having an single penny in my pocket, how will i inform at my home that i am not coming by this train as all this happened to me" all those thoughts were running in my mind after getting out of station and i was searching answers for those questions....i was wondering if there is a google search engine for realistic problems than i have searched all my queries on it and would have got the answers.....

My situation was like a begger or some con man which are always seen at Ndls station asking for money, moreover like a con man which have a travelling bag with him and keep asking people that "i got pick pocketed and i lost all money, i need to go some x place can you please help me" and in response to this people just tell him to go away....but they don't even think that what if that person is saying truth and really needs help..... but why they should think like that as i was also among those who tell him to go away every time i came across such men and women.... today this happened to me that's why i am thinking from their point of view, today i need help that's why i am saying that may be the person is genuine and really needs help.

The only thing which was running through ma mind was "do i need to beg people like a con man for some help, do they help me out or just tell me to go away".I was asking for myself "can i beg like this" but i need to do something at that time to get out of there.....
I thought may be a single phone call can help me out, lemme ask for help from a telephone booth for a single local i took my step towards telephone booth i was not able to took second step... "to whom i am gonna call,my roommate, but what is his cell phone number" this was the question which stopped me....... this point of time i realised that technology has made us totally a handicapped.... i don't remember the fuckin number of my roommate....not even my roommate but any of my friend... what the hell..... i tried to recall any phone number which exists at some corner of my memory....."c'mon...gimme any number" i was saying to my mind and it gave me the cell phone number of my mom.....yes...
You know..... when you are in trouble only your near ones comes for help and at that time my mind helped me to change the idea to make a local call to STD call, yes my mind was suggesting me to make STD call to my home and tell them all this may be they can help me out.But i was asking my self how they will help me as they are 1250 miles away from here....i checked my watch it was showing 5:00 pm still official time....i got an idea.... without knowing operator at STD booth that i lost my money and don't have a single penny to pay his bill i called my home and briefed them all things and asked them to call at my office number with an extension of my roomy and instructed them to brief him all this so that he can come here and pick me up.....i also asked them to keep me ringing on the telephone number from which i am making this call for furthur information.

I got some relief that i will get picked up by my room mate, i got an confirmation call from my home on the same number and i asked them to reclaim the amount of my train ticket through internet as i was not able to board the train.Telephone operator was not able to understand what's going at his telephone booth and how come i was receiving calls at his booth.
I briefed him too and he don't have any other choice so he was also waiting for my roomy to arrive alongwith me so that he can get his bill,after all he is also working for his bread.

To pass time i start discussing the situation with him which i just had and was asking him what if an person who seems to be a con man is really in trouble, what we should do....should we give him the small financial help or just scold him to get impressive answer that he told me changed my perception about such persons...he told me

"Sir, we don't know whether he is in trouble or faking,but we can do some help from the perspective of humanity, if they really need help than they will need to make a phone call just like you did here so we can help them to make phone calls, we can make them to have some tea/coffee or something to eat as they have no money and who knows from how long he has not eaten up but don't give big amount of money in case he or she is faking out than this action will inspire them to con more and more peoples."

I also realised this thing that we should not bully them and try to find out whether he/she really needs help or just faking out.I was so tired by all this and i was feeling sleepy, i wanted to catch some sleep as i was not overconsious about my luggage as bag was not having any thing expensive other than my clothes......suddenly i started hearing sound of my mobile.....i was aware that i was not having my cell phone with me and it must be some body else phone which was ringing so i continued and didnt opened my eyes...but it was continuously ringing as if it was waiting for me to pick up....i heard the voice of my roomy "c'mon get up you are getting late,c'mon get up from the bed" i got amazed that why he is saying like that infact he should say "Hi Ankit,lets go home".

I felt a kick on my bom and when i opened my eyes i was at my room,lying on my bed and my cell phone was ringing with Alarm tone..... i was not able to understand what's happening there....i just took up my phone,shut the alarm off and when i saw the date an time on it, it was 22-oct,8:00 am.....i took my head in my both hands and said "OMG that was a dream and still two days has to go for my journey"......when my roomy reappeared in room i thanked him...he asked "thanx for what" i said "for nothing...just wanted to thank you".
That dream taught me some thing about over smartness and a way to handle con mans.... or i should say a man who lost his money and need help.I realised that what kind of misfortunes and at what level a person can have in a day.

Who says life teaches the lesson.....i think some times dreams also teaches you.