Monday, October 13, 2008

kabhi khushi kabhi Gam

Another day at office started with client call and making meeting notes so that we can figure out the important and high priority tasks which needs to be done asap.Where the time goes between 9 am to 9 pm no body knows especially in project like WG.All the bosses are like famous personalities from different Hollywood films but not among the cutest and sexiest one from Hollywood.
Usually a day in office get starts by refreshing mailbox to see if there is any important mail from client so that we can work on it and save our soul at the end of day before leaving from the office.
Working on a technology with the help of existing technology makes a good and great technology which helps to make future more robust and secure.Working in a software is just like a story of a bollywood movie as Har code and bug ka ek din hota he,jab wo din aata he tabhi wo code sahi performance aur bug fix hota he.Moving fingers over a keyboard is just like composing music for a song which gives kabhi khushi kabhi gam.
When you are working on someting very seriously and desperatley to achieve the final goal and in between you reachead a milestone gives thodi khushi but after resting out at that checkpoint with the hope that final goal is not so far and suddenly you realize that the path you have taken is wrong , gives bahut saara gam.At this time the only words comes out of mouth are "Holy shit,this is unbelievable,oh god how come i reached here....cmon what will i say to the Don" and then friends or colleagues say "take deep breath in and let it be out after few seconds,calm down and do it again very fast as time is flowing a like a sand"
At last looking at surroundings for some fresh things and again start the never ending battle leads to a conclusion which can be sent to 7000 miles away over electronic mail through a computer made somewhere and assembled at Japan running Microsoft windows with mozilla explorer in it to get delievered at morning pacific time on a computer running Microsoft windows with google chrome.....isn't it an example of globalisation so that it come back to same place from where it get is round i believe.... let me call Mantu and Hems to confirm this...

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