Friday, October 17, 2008

Debugging with hip haps of Fire Drill

After noon time seems very difficult specially when you had a good lunch.Sitting on a chair and keep your eyes wide open to show that you are not sleeping in the working hours is just like fighting with your mind to avoid sleep and that fight seems to be fight of Troy between Brad pitt and Eric Bana in which one has to win the battle.Tea and coffee are used as battle weapons for the body by which it can beat mind and getting a call from boss is just like getting a backup force to defeat mind so that mind can lose the battle and take back all the effect of sleep from you.
After defeating mind in the battle of sleep and preparing it for the another battle with the black screen Unix compiler to win over the code so that i can go home without the logics runinng throughout the nerves and veins.Going deep into the binary codes with the help of GNU debugger and making an effort to find out the functioning of code so that i can determine whether code written by my fingers is right or wrong gives something cool behind the ears when the droplet of sweat flows from head to neck travelling through hairs and making its own path by passing behind the ears and get submerged in to the tee.At this time Air conditioned atmosphere seems to be useless untill or unless you accomplish the mission successfully.But during the mission some noisy sound falls on ear and takes your whole concentration ,make your eyes move from your screen to the source of sound and suddenly what the ***k!!!
Oh!! no man........ another surprise Fire drill inititated by office management to check whether their smoke detector devices are working fine.
Every body on the floor have to rush to the fire assembly area by not creating panic and getting panic.They feel employees camed out of their peigon holes safely with out any hassle, but who knows if there is actual fire than what will happen to don't panic policy and corporate policies for handling fire situations.
Running outside the office premises, burn yourself in the sun rays and than run again to get inside the office so that left over point the debugger can be catched again .I feel always like the toon at left side, why interruptions comes my way when i am deep inside something and very near to goal and have to come back to the top level and have to start all over again untill i accomplish the so called mission and this continues just like a while loop with a condition of mission accomplished.
Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day code runs and exhibit some fuctionality,get weared teared and come back as a bug which again leads to same cycle.
Some bugs are just like fortune bugs, if they got time by us in the pre lunch session than they are more likely to get fix .Some times fire drills also works as a break when you are in no mood to work and you can meet all your colleagues at the fire assemble area to have a good time for few minutes.

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