Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magic of keyboard driven by fingers

Day 12-Oct-08,3:00 pm
Writing code on a day of funday is just like a pain when somebody is piercing you with a needle very force fully and you can not make a noise at the highest pitch of your voice as it is unprofessional.
Writing blog after a long time specially on a sunday keeping logics for your code in your mind seems like taking a rest from seeing black unix screen which reminds about the darkness.
Darkness links to various things but i can link it to night at this point of time which tells me to go for a sleep instead of fighting with Unix C compiler to prove your code is correct.But i can't do that as the voice of boss keeps awaking me from the so called sleep and forces me to fight back with the compiler to prove myself.
I always say "Ok Boss, i am doing my work" whenever thought of boss comes in my mind but can anybody tell me how can one work in a place where keyboard's keys are making an haunting sound when it get echoed on a blank floor where 150 people used to sit at a time from Monday to Friday and who are chilling out at home at this point of time.
My mind is not supporting me and it gives a favour to the computer and says "C'mon dude finish the code and go home to chill out" but who tells the mind the chilling out doesnot mean that i should finish this code and go home.
Aah!! got a My can, this is one of the benefit of team effort :), i think i need to go back to black Unix screen before the thought of my Boss comes in my mind and made me feel like a dumb.
4:30 pm
:) :) have a solid reason to smile,Writing code on a day of sunday is just like a pain when a needle is pierced in ur body forcefully but when that code gives extra ordinary performace, it makes feel like some body injected a charisma in u to make you feel that you are not that much dumb.

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