Friday, October 31, 2008

Golmaal Returns......really returns to box office

After realizing that one cannot pass time by sitting idle at home and watching stupid idiot box all the time or either surf internet to just check official mails, made me book two tickets of movie Golmaal returns with a hope that at least watching this movie would be a fun and a good time pass apart from Diwali shopping and outings with family in Surat.After all i came here for Diwali vacations by traveling 1250 miles so that i can have a stress free,work free and client conference call free vacations at home.

Show was matinee at 11 am in Valentine multiplex next day which made me sleep early that night after celebrations of Diwali with all pooja and cracker stuff.

Next day i kicked my bro to get up and get dressed for the show as it was his mind which suggested to book Matinee show so that we can go for lunch on time as it was Gujarati's New year also.Seriously it is very painful to get up at 9:00 am in early morning specially when you are on vacations by leaving behind all official daily schedule.

Finally reached theater on time and there i came across lots of Gujarati gals and boys gathered in groups to celebrate the New year.College goers,young kids some of them in their gang and some of them with their parents to have a good time.
When i passed ticket window i saw a board which was none other than a House Full board for flick Golmaal returns, i smiled a bit as i was saying to myself "man....u made a right choice of movie to have good time" but i was not aware about the fact that my smile and over smartness will get murdered so brutally.

Checking out gorgeous Gujarati gals i reached at waiting area where all people were waiting impatiently for the door of screen 1 which was going to open First day first show of Golmaal Returns... which was believed to have okay types of story and same taste of comedy like Golmaal part one.

Suddenly i felt an drift in mob when i was making arrangement for my munching inside the hall, my bro said "hmmm....gate of screen 1 are open now lets get in"

Got settled on my seat with my bro next to me alongwith an family of three at other side of me... time pass trailers came to end and finally Censor Board certificate of Golmaal Returns flashed on screen, you wont believe at this point of time i got an intuition that this movie is gonna be a bundle movie but nothing can be done now i already spent my hard earned cash on two tickets....
First scene in which Ajay Devgan made his entry and suddenly gal who was with the family next to me started screaming as her dream man appeared on screen and soon i come to realize that it was the whole audience apart from me and my bro which was screaming at the entry of every star in the movie..My bro said "Bhaiya,are we the odd one out here....?" i said "i don't know,i think we made a mistake....lets c what comes next".

Golmaal returns was a very pathetic experience for both of us but there is one thing, all the public which was present in the theater was enjoying movie and clapping on overacting of Tushar kaps... i was asking an question to my self that how these guys are enjoying a movie which donot have a good humor,no story,bakwaas screenplay and cinematography.I was disappointed with Rohit Shetty may be because for this movie i sacrificed my most important neend of morning hours and late night time which went into completing quotas of movies stored in laptop.

I have not seen such kind of response from public in multiplexes at Noida and Delhi,may be Noidaites and Delhites don't enjoy that much as much as Gujarati's do here in Surat.Here at weekends all the public are on roads with their families.....they park their vehicles at side of road and sit on the road with the family over a bed sheet and enjoy the evening atmosphere of Surat.Road side eateries are a gr8 ingredients in the dish of their family enjoyment.

This is the one thing which i like about Surat that people here forget work at Friday evening and start enjoying up till Sunday evening and this is not only with Surat but all over Gujarat....this shows that people in Gujarat feel free to step out and nobody is scared of anything.People here work harder and party harder

This spirit made me fall in love with Gujarat which made my family to stay here from past two decades....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Debugging with hip haps of Fire Drill

After noon time seems very difficult specially when you had a good lunch.Sitting on a chair and keep your eyes wide open to show that you are not sleeping in the working hours is just like fighting with your mind to avoid sleep and that fight seems to be fight of Troy between Brad pitt and Eric Bana in which one has to win the battle.Tea and coffee are used as battle weapons for the body by which it can beat mind and getting a call from boss is just like getting a backup force to defeat mind so that mind can lose the battle and take back all the effect of sleep from you.
After defeating mind in the battle of sleep and preparing it for the another battle with the black screen Unix compiler to win over the code so that i can go home without the logics runinng throughout the nerves and veins.Going deep into the binary codes with the help of GNU debugger and making an effort to find out the functioning of code so that i can determine whether code written by my fingers is right or wrong gives something cool behind the ears when the droplet of sweat flows from head to neck travelling through hairs and making its own path by passing behind the ears and get submerged in to the tee.At this time Air conditioned atmosphere seems to be useless untill or unless you accomplish the mission successfully.But during the mission some noisy sound falls on ear and takes your whole concentration ,make your eyes move from your screen to the source of sound and suddenly what the ***k!!!
Oh!! no man........ another surprise Fire drill inititated by office management to check whether their smoke detector devices are working fine.
Every body on the floor have to rush to the fire assembly area by not creating panic and getting panic.They feel employees camed out of their peigon holes safely with out any hassle, but who knows if there is actual fire than what will happen to don't panic policy and corporate policies for handling fire situations.
Running outside the office premises, burn yourself in the sun rays and than run again to get inside the office so that left over point the debugger can be catched again .I feel always like the toon at left side, why interruptions comes my way when i am deep inside something and very near to goal and have to come back to the top level and have to start all over again untill i accomplish the so called mission and this continues just like a while loop with a condition of mission accomplished.
Minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day code runs and exhibit some fuctionality,get weared teared and come back as a bug which again leads to same cycle.
Some bugs are just like fortune bugs, if they got time by us in the pre lunch session than they are more likely to get fix .Some times fire drills also works as a break when you are in no mood to work and you can meet all your colleagues at the fire assemble area to have a good time for few minutes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

kabhi khushi kabhi Gam

Another day at office started with client call and making meeting notes so that we can figure out the important and high priority tasks which needs to be done asap.Where the time goes between 9 am to 9 pm no body knows especially in project like WG.All the bosses are like famous personalities from different Hollywood films but not among the cutest and sexiest one from Hollywood.
Usually a day in office get starts by refreshing mailbox to see if there is any important mail from client so that we can work on it and save our soul at the end of day before leaving from the office.
Working on a technology with the help of existing technology makes a good and great technology which helps to make future more robust and secure.Working in a software is just like a story of a bollywood movie as Har code and bug ka ek din hota he,jab wo din aata he tabhi wo code sahi performance aur bug fix hota he.Moving fingers over a keyboard is just like composing music for a song which gives kabhi khushi kabhi gam.
When you are working on someting very seriously and desperatley to achieve the final goal and in between you reachead a milestone gives thodi khushi but after resting out at that checkpoint with the hope that final goal is not so far and suddenly you realize that the path you have taken is wrong , gives bahut saara gam.At this time the only words comes out of mouth are "Holy shit,this is unbelievable,oh god how come i reached here....cmon what will i say to the Don" and then friends or colleagues say "take deep breath in and let it be out after few seconds,calm down and do it again very fast as time is flowing a like a sand"
At last looking at surroundings for some fresh things and again start the never ending battle leads to a conclusion which can be sent to 7000 miles away over electronic mail through a computer made somewhere and assembled at Japan running Microsoft windows with mozilla explorer in it to get delievered at morning pacific time on a computer running Microsoft windows with google chrome.....isn't it an example of globalisation so that it come back to same place from where it get is round i believe.... let me call Mantu and Hems to confirm this...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Magic of keyboard driven by fingers

Day 12-Oct-08,3:00 pm
Writing code on a day of funday is just like a pain when somebody is piercing you with a needle very force fully and you can not make a noise at the highest pitch of your voice as it is unprofessional.
Writing blog after a long time specially on a sunday keeping logics for your code in your mind seems like taking a rest from seeing black unix screen which reminds about the darkness.
Darkness links to various things but i can link it to night at this point of time which tells me to go for a sleep instead of fighting with Unix C compiler to prove your code is correct.But i can't do that as the voice of boss keeps awaking me from the so called sleep and forces me to fight back with the compiler to prove myself.
I always say "Ok Boss, i am doing my work" whenever thought of boss comes in my mind but can anybody tell me how can one work in a place where keyboard's keys are making an haunting sound when it get echoed on a blank floor where 150 people used to sit at a time from Monday to Friday and who are chilling out at home at this point of time.
My mind is not supporting me and it gives a favour to the computer and says "C'mon dude finish the code and go home to chill out" but who tells the mind the chilling out doesnot mean that i should finish this code and go home.
Aah!! got a My can, this is one of the benefit of team effort :), i think i need to go back to black Unix screen before the thought of my Boss comes in my mind and made me feel like a dumb.
4:30 pm
:) :) have a solid reason to smile,Writing code on a day of sunday is just like a pain when a needle is pierced in ur body forcefully but when that code gives extra ordinary performace, it makes feel like some body injected a charisma in u to make you feel that you are not that much dumb.