Friday, May 30, 2008

Who's That Gal ......

Hffff...... finally got home after having an exhausted mind on coding and eating vegetable maggi with tikki chat as a replacement of Lunch.
"Gal gal gal....what a gal!! where is d gal" are the words wch cms out frm my mouth whenever i m outside and my frnds alws ask me " wht Ankit!, will u evr cm out of this illusion of gals, is there any other thing in ur life ?
I hv no answr for thm but hv a gentl smile :) , but really i also dnt knw why i m like this, why i alwys keep chckin evry gal inside n outside n wht mks me 2 do so. Smtms i wndr whthr i m seeing beautfl gals or all d gals bcm beautfl.
I dnt knw wht mks a gal so spcl tht evry male arnd her stares at her or tries to gt a glimpse of her.I m alwys tryin to find the answr f this unanswrble qustn....wht is d thng tht thy alwys carry wth thm whch mks thm diffrnt frm mob, thr mst b smthng whch we the boys arnt aware of.
Ths sms to happn with all boys tht thr eyes hv to fllw the passin girl besides them untill d gal disapprd or get out of range.Whn i took a silent survey on this i fnd tht this seems to b true with all males, whenvr i m out, i was looking at the eyes of all d males (of crse i msd lots of gals in tht mean tm), who's eyes fllwing whm and i fnd that this thing is not only with Mantu i.e. me bt infact with all.I mvd ahd to mrk the places whr d ntwrk of eyes fllws each other n i fnd office pathways,cafeterias,malls,shops, outside tea-stalls,road side eatries,multiplexes,society parks,society lanes,balconys of home,guys rushng on bikes (thy nvr miss a chnce),cylce pedlars and lots f places....or i cn say nt a single place or a single chance..... but this dsnt mean all d gals r victims here....thr is a vice-versa case also....
In all ths i gt a conclsn, humn eyes r mde to c btifull nd uglst thngs, thy lke btifull d mst nd uglst d lst,nw it dpndns on eyes tht to whch thng thy prcv as btifull nd uglst......( diplomatic conclusion :) )
but still gals hv smthn diffrnt,this smthng makes boys to hv a desire to spnd tm with thm,enjy tm with thm ,to hav nvr ending and long lasted convstn with thm and hv fun with thm.Sm jst thnks to hav one night stand with thm bt not all.
One of my frnd alwys develops a feeling of giving his heart to every gal to whom he talks more than four times and his tagline is "Follow your dreams and Follow your heart" but we ask him that you gave ur hrt to many gals so hw u manage to follow all d gals at a time? :)
Here i rmbr a line frm a movie " A man always fall for a woman, now it depends that the woman may be his mother,sister,girl frnd,wife or jst a frnd" . I think the rsn fr abv line is d eternal love and rspct for tht woman which makes a man to fall.

Well ths is a tpic on whch thghts wld nvr end jst like a imgntn of human mind.


  1. The excellent answer, gallantly :)

  2. Excuse for that I interfere ?At me a similar situation. I invite to discussion. Write here or in PM.

  3. @Anonymous,who has posted a comment and deleted it: I don't have your contact to discuss it on PM so either we can discuss it here or provide me your contact.