Monday, April 28, 2008

Noida- A city of Techies,Fashion or....?

Noida, Does any body knows for what Noida is specialised ? Techies,workers,daily bread earners,students or Fashion.Every body in Noida is an part of something which takes their step out everyday with a new hope and desire.Being it be IT Professionals,students,factory workers or auto rikshaw drivers strugling and earning their daily bread.
We can see the development and advancement of this city not by no of malls,multiplexes and Software companies but by the bandwidth of traffic increasing day by day.Not only traffic, we can see lots of people here for their work on the magical 5 days of week.People here learned to work harder and party harder on the weekends, as we are aware of the fact that there is not a single space to put yourself easily on weekends specially in Sector 18 which have Center Stage Malls and The Gr8 India Place. Well i should thank to BPOs' and IT Companies here to bring this culture.
Infact BPO and IT playing a major role in increasing mob on weekends.Everybody comes here to enjoy and to have some quality time with their family,friends, girl freind/boy friend.The best thing here is the beggar, if you have ever been to Sector 18 than the most common person there are the beggars. They enjoy their earnings or i should say their daily bread by begging to people in Summer or cold when the temperature is around 42 degrees and 10 degrees respectively.
There targets are specially the couples who were having a quality time of their life with each other or the group friends who are freaking out there.I remembered one of the incident when i was with my group on the eve of New year, a small girl wearing torned sweter and a skirt with a bowl in her hand, shivring with the cold and looking at us with some hope came to us and said to one of our friend "दीदी पाँच रूपया देदो " (please give me five rupees), first she ignored her...she again with a hope said to her " दीदी पाँच रूपया देदो तेरी जल्दी शादी हो जायेगी "(please give me five rupees and i will bless you,you will get marry soon), this time our friend got stunned at her statement.As a result we moved from that place.
That was an one incident which happened with us,dont know how many such things happened how many times and with how many peoples in a day.
Well as there are many no of peoples who raom their, beggars also have high probability of getting money as this place seems to be an youngistan.
Youngistan....yeah youngistan, Noida can also be considered as Youngistan as plenty of youngsters are here for studies, working in Multi Nationals and working part time in Mac Donalds, malls etc.Noida brings lots of employment options to people but also the crime factor.As i mentioned every type of youngster exists.One who just here for studies,one who works with an Multi National with an lucrative package and also some who robs four people in a single night.Well not every place can be perfect place as the good and bad things are complimentary to each other.
Every body here in Noida as in very hurry all the times.Be it Bikers (thanks to Pulsar series,CBZ extreme and Tvs Apache),cars,tempo drivers.The most exiciting thing in Noida are tempo/rikshaw drivers and bus drivers.If you have ever been into a tempo at the route Shipra sun city to Indian Oil Building (Sector 1) than you will feel that you are flying in a Luftansa airline....ya luftansa..because every tempo/rikshaw and bus driver assumes defaulty that this road is meant for him only and they donot leave a single inch of space, if you ask them why are you driving so fantastically than they will say "to save time and to take more customers".Every time they overtake to another vehicle,they will give horn from their own mouth (a statement or one liner that no body can't ignore it )instead of using auto's or bus horn.They will take you to your destination in as much less possible time which creates sometime an Horrible traffic jam. In such situations the most comfortable and happy are bikers, if auto dont leave an space of inch than power bikers dont leave an space of centimeter.
This not there fault, each youngistani is in first love...... he he he... not with a girl but with a power bike, a girl comes secondary to them over bikes :). This love even took some precious life of some boys who were enjoying at greater noida express highway with their girl friend....their bike.
I dont know whether it is passion,emotion or love for the Noida which makes it an Fashion city , an education city ,an IT hub which all combining makes it an Happening Noida.

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