Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Facebook Deaddiction - Week 1

You might have guessed from the title of this post about what it is and I agree with you, deaddiction is not the right word to be used as I can see the red line below this word as shown by my spell checker, but, I am too lazy a.t.m to check the correct word so let it be. So!!! So!! So! So...., its been 1 week since I have deactivated my Facebook account to get the addiction out and its going good so far.

I do get urge multiple times a day to check my facebook account but I tried to refrain myself even type the url in the url bar, so, what did I do then? Well, whenever I felt to peek into my facebook account I open a browser and read something like local news of the county we are living in, news from India or something technical. Although the later have not started to happen more often but I still feel to do something meaningful for me instead of peeking into what others are doing around.

Note 1: Facebook gives a good option to disable your Facebook account (you might know, you cannot get rid of it once you have created the account) but you can still keep your Facebook messenger running. So, I am still reachable on Facebook messenger if any of my friend want to reach me through FB messenger.

Note 2: I know I am posting here after a  year and it is my second post here in three years.So, I would like to say "I am still alive on Blogger :-)". It is just that I got in to that mood of writing something here.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I am still alive on Blogger!

When I opened my blogger account today I noticed that its been two years and nine days now since I have posted anything here and it seems pretty obvious that this might have clearly lead to many of you think that I might have left this space or I am not writing anymore here but the truth is that today (after a long time..) I finally got in to that mood to write and post something here so thought to start with informing everyone that I am still alive on this space :)

Well, there has been a lot happened during these two years, the biggest thing happened is that I became father in Jan 2015 to a baby boy and now my son has turned into a 14 month old toddler. So, I think now you might have got a tinge of what I was into all this time except lying like a lazy lion in his cave and watching TV series all the time (of course during the time when my son was not born).

Its been many times when I logged into my account and tried to catch up with all the post from you all which I missed but then I realized that I have managed to have a such high backlog of missed posts which I will not be able to cope up or at least require 2 months of time off from work, family and everything :). So, I left the idea to catch up reading on what I have missed.

So, what now ? Well, I hope I get into the writing mood often and keep posting here, complete my saved drafts or may be discard them to shorten the backlog of drafts (such a number of backlogs I have :|) and resume writing.

So, if I was so busy during all this time then how I am posting today ? You can guess that place where you are away from your family and have your laptop with you, so yes, I am posting it from that same place.

Earlier, I tried to write couple of times but it was something which was not letting me write like sometimes my son came to me crawling, jumped on to me and pulled my laptop screen and said "tain tu"; Yes, that is what he keeps blabbering these days whole time "Tain tu... Tain tu..."; sometimes my son got himself in to a situation which needs quick attention from us like pooping in his diaper, sudden fall on the floor while walking, grabbing something (like TV remote) which he is not supposed to or simply just yelling or crying because we are not playing with him and most of the times I get so tired after office and then with my son that I even don't dare to look at my laptop and tablet... I simply land on the bed and sleep until my  LO is sleeping.

Well, many more things to share but I'll not do any promise here because I don't know when I am gonna be back here or get in to the mood to write.

Monday, August 4, 2014

TV programs in our life.

"WTF Shae!! How can you do that to IMP, he loved you, you fool!! He sent you away because he wanted to protect you from his father."

.... those were my words when I was watching fourth season of Games of Thrones. Sometimes I wonder that how come we get so much connected to the programs we watch on Television in such a way that we start discussing or expressing our opinion about a particular character or even start telling them the things as if they can hear us through the TV, lol!

Well, if this happens then it's exactly the aim of every producer of TV program to make a mark or space in its viewer's mind so that they think what next and get intrigued to watch their show again.

Sometimes, these shows gives you some phrase like "Winter is coming" or "Babaji ka thullu" which unknowingly starts coming out of your mouth when anything about that program comes across you.

I think the TV shows like Fiction, drama or comedy are more successful to connect to you because they are insanely planned and thoughted to do that but now reality TV shows has also started to grab viewer's attention or make them wonder what is gonna happen next.

I remember, last year we were watching Big Boss season 7 and we used to discuss about the inmates, although we knew that its just a damn TV show but still we were used to discuss about Armaan Kohli, Sangraam Singh and other inmates. While watching the show we formed our own opinion or perception about the different inmates and started to give our judgement about who should stay or who should get eliminated, what is wrong and what is right. I know that this due to the good work done by creative and editing team to hold of viewers to maintain their TRP.

I feel that the kind of impact one can have from TV program differs among different individuals, some watch programs just for entertainment and some watch it for information while some watch it to get inspired from it.

Whatever the purpose of watching TV is once you own it you can not refrain to turn it on.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bas 5 minutes me..

Few days ago I received an one liner on Whatsapp saying that "5 minutes taken by wife to get ready is equally proportional to 5 minutes taken by husband to come back home from office."

Well, I don't disagree with this one liner, in fact I find it very true. It always happens like that, whenever we have to go out I start asking my wife to get ready half an hour before but then she did not, she always says that it will take 5 minutes for her to get dressed and my counter reply is that those 5 minutes are mine so don't you dare to steal those 5 minutes, use your own 25 minutes.

After 15 minutes, she asks me to start getting ready as she is almost done and then I say, tell me when you are completely ready. Again after 5 minutes, she issues me the last call and I know that now is the time for me to move my butts out of the couch and bring them in action. As usual, I take around 5-7 minutes to declare that I am ready to move but I still find her checking out if her lipstick is looking right, if her eye liner is on place, oh!! that hair strand is not falling at the right place so it needs a fix and then I start looking at her smiling and telling her that "look, you are still not ready, you are still not done and I am ready to move out from the house" and then her counter answer is "I am already done and I am doing all these things because you are taking more time". Upon all this, to win more time for herself she starts asking me questions

She: "Apna mooh kyun nahin dho rahe ho ?"
Me:  "Haah!! Shero ne bhi kabhi mooh dhoye hein kya".

She: "Shave to kar lo."
Me: "Babes, that's my masculine look. A light beard gives masculine look :P"

So, it goes like this. It is also said by someone that "What goes around comes around" so same 5 minutes things happen with me when I am in office.

She asks on message: "At what time you are coming to the home ?"

I say: "Leaving office in next 5 minutes."

After 15 minutes,(I live just 10 minutes from my office)

She: "What happened, nikalne nahin kya abhi tak?"

Me: "Bas nikal rha hoon."

She: "Hmm!! koi kaam aa gya hoga, hei na?"

Me: "Nahin, bas nikal rha hoon"

She: "Accha!! koi desk pe aa gya hoga last moment pe, hei na ?"

Me: "Nahin yaar, nikal rha tha to jaate jaate ek colleague mil gya tha" (of course an excuse).

She: "Oh haan asusual!! Chalo koi nahin aa jao.."


So, it is like this, you know, what I mean! But, one thing I would like to admit that it doesn't matter how much time she takes to get ready, in the end she always looks perfect and equally beautiful for which I just stop teasing her for taking more time (for that moment only) and just admire her beauty (on that moment).

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Long Absenteeism!!

Finally!! after a long time I entered the blogger url to check my account and it looks like that I have missed a lot since my last post in April. Hmm!! quite a lot of things to read.

I have a huge backlog of posts from the people I follow, I hope to catch all of'em very soon. Let's see how soon I am going to start writing here or I should say how soon first I am going to finish the posts marked as draft from a long time in my account.

I hope to maintain my writing mood long enough this time and I hope everyone is doing great.

C ya!

Monday, April 14, 2014

New form of ABCD...

From the past few days whenever I log in to my blogger account  I observed new definitions of alphabets defined by my two blogger friends who are taking part in "A to Z Challenge".

It is interesting to see how people can put in their own definition of alphabets inspired by their personal experiences apart from the traditional ones like A for Apple and B for Ball etc.

You may find interesting to read small poems related to one word from each alphabet at

Pooja's Thoughtless Ramifications

and some experiences and thoughts on one word from each alphabet at

Sakshi's Timeless Imagination

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tips and Guide for Linkoping, Sweden– part 2

This part continues from my earlier post on Tips and Guide for Linkoping part 1. In due course of time from last year, we (I and my wife) come to know about other information and things which one may be willing to know about. I am continuing this post from the last point of my earlier post.

17. Jobs:

As mentioned earlier this could be one of the hardest part being in Sweden as you need to speak, understand and write Swedish language to get yourself qualified for any open job opportunity. Joining SFI course to learn language Swedish will help you to get acquainted with the language but still it is not something which will lead you to speak, understand and write this language in six months.
Swedish government has established an employment agency named as Arbetsformedlingen. As they say, this agency helps you to find the job in Sweden and they have a very good database of job openings as by law employers have to have post job opening on So, what you have to do is to visit the Arbetsformedlingen office at Storgatan 6 (across the big Hemkop) in downtown and register yourself there.
Once you get registered there you will be assigned to an employment officer/case officer who will help you in following ways:-

1. Plan activities for you.

2. They will ask you to verify your educational certificates through UHR ( more details in the next point) and prepares an activity plan for you.

3. They will ask you to search and apply for the suitable jobs through their website and also to submit your activity report for each month.

4. If you have already joined SFI then they may enrol you for additional Swedish classes (sprak praktik) where you will learn other aspects of Swedish language apart from your SFI classes. The social insurance agency Forsakringkassan pays you some stipend for going to Sprak praktik.

5. They may also enroll you for a job praktik in which you will learn technical Swedish related to your job. Finding a job praktik is as tricky as finding a job but still chances to get a job praktik are higher as compared to job. Forsakringkassan pays you the same stipend for the job praktik as well.

Job praktik is a three months training program in which candidate go to a company of his field, do work for them and learn the work culture and technical aspect of Swedish language. The deal here is that Companies don’t have to pay anything to the trainee from their account, its the Arbetsformedlingen/Social Insurance agency who pays the stipend. If company feels satisfied with your work and performance then they may hire you as an employee but in most of the cases they hire a new trainee for next three months and like this way they get their job done without paying anything.

Note: Once you get registered at Arbetsformedlingen it is required for you to login to your account frequently to have your account active. Also, try to be in touch with your case officer (handlagare) over the email or ask them to schedule a meeting with you.

18. Getting your documents verified through UHR:

UHR is a Swedish government agency which works to verify the foreign educational qualifications of the candidates and also assess the level of foreign education as per the Swedish education level. Employment agency asks you to get your educational qualifications verified from them so that employer can know about your educational qualifications and equivalent Swedish education level.

Getting your documents verified through them can take up to 4 months to 6 months as they will send verification of your documents to the country from where you obtained your degree.

All you need to do is to follow this page "Application form for Recognition of Foreign Qualifications".

19. Sending documents or post in cheapest way:

The cheapest way is to use Swepost ( For first 20 gms only 12 SEK is charged and then 2 SEK/gm is charged, this rate is without tracking. If you ask them to add tracking then it may cost you additional 50-60 SEK. So, its only 12 kr for sending a 20 gm post in any part of the world.
When I sent my package to India it got delivered with in one week.

20. EU Health card from Forsakringkassan:

With the European Health Insurance Card, you can get compensation for necessary care if you get sick or have an accident when you travel within the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

The European Health Insurance Card gives you the right to necessary care at a hospital or doctor's office that is affiliated with that country's national health care system. It is the care provider that determines what is considered to be necessary care. You pay the patient fees that the country's own residents pay. In some countries, you must first pay the entire care cost yourself and then request compensation from that country's equivalent of Försäkringskassan.

Immediately present the card together with your ID to the care provider. Everyone in the family, including children regardless of age, must have their own health insurance card. The card is free of charge.

The European Health Insurance Card is valid in:
Belgium, Bulgaria, Cypress, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the UK and Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

You can apply for this card from this link. You just have to enter your personal number on the website, the card is sent to the address that is registered in Försäkringskassan's customer register. The card is valid for three years.

For more information visit this link.

21. Free course for people in Sweden:

Ostergotland county provides a social orientation course for people who have recently arrived in Sweden. This course is about your right and obligations, Swedish democracy and how the society is organised. This course provides the important information to ensure a good start in Sweden.

Cost of the course: Free, no charge.

How to register: Send an e-mail to with your personal number, name, address, telephone number and with the copy of your resident permit from Migration board.

Visit and for more information.

You can also find more details of this course in below pictures.

22. Studying, training, extra curricular activities in Linkoping:

There are many things to do in Linkoping once you arrive here. For example: You can join a basic swimming course or become a professional swimmer by joining the swimming school (Sim skola) or you can join a photography course on a minimal fees.

You can find more details on below mentioned websites for many things:-

1. Website for events, training and new courses related to water sports.

2. You can find higher education in Sweden and abroad. Each training presents the most important information you need to compare different programs with each other such as eligibility requirements, admission points, housing situation, possible costs, etc. Once you find a course you can easily get in touch with the school and ask questions by leaving an interest.

3. Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden.Folkuniversitetet runs numerous internationally oriented activities such as language courses, courses abroad and projects with an international emphasis.

Their brochure in English is available here.

4. Its Linkoping Municpality website on which you can find information about various things.

5. This link contains details about free and paid Swedish e-courses.

23. Finding an apartment in Linkoping:

This is a tricky part, finding an apartment here in Linkoping is a bit of hassle especially if you need it in the vicinity of downtown.

1. The best way is to register yourself on the website which I mentioned in part 1 of my blog (available here)as soon as you get your papers to come to Sweden so that you earn some queue points.

2. Other way is to ask your employer/University or concerned person for help.

3. Check with Sky hotel apartments, Sky Hotel apartments provides two type of accomodation, one is the Hotel and the other one is an apartment in the town. There are some apartments in town from Sky which you can rent for 1 month from the rent of 7000 - 10000 SEK/month.

Hotel apartments:

These are the furnished apartments with most of the basic facilities like kitchen, bed etc provided.

Check out their page for more information:

Town apartments:

Minimum rental period one month, Fully Furnished

Check out their page for more information:

4. There is a article from LiU (Linkoping University) on "101 ways to find accommodation" which is available here

24. Remitting money to India or abroad:

There are many money remitting websites available in the market for this purpose and also you can send your money through your Swedish bank, but, generally sending money through bank will cost you more as bank charge their own fee for wire transfer and they have different conversion rate as compared to these money remitting websites. I know/used about following websites for this purpose :-

1. They provide mid market conversion rate and also gives you the option to fix your conversion rate,so, you may get good conversion rate during the rate fluctuations.

2. They have a bit low charges as compared to Transferwise but not good forex rates.

3. This service is provided by ICIC Bank and I believe you don't want to go with this option as they don't provide complete Power transfer (Online transfer) option. You  have to do half online and half offline transfer i.e. you need to generate the remittance request and transaction reference number from the website and then they will provide you a wire transfer form. You have to wire transfer your money according to the details mentioned in the wire transfer form.

If you have bank account with Nordea bank then you can remit money very easily through it.


25. Find the right health care:

You are new in Linkoping and unfortunately you fall ill, what you should do to find the right health care is explained here.


PS: I will keep updating this page with more information which I get in due course of time. I will also appreciate any correction or any new thing which you may want here or should you find any.